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The operation control of automatic packaging production system II

vision system, sensors and other

packaging lines are increasingly automated, prompting the use of machine vision system for product inspection. Because the visual system can check some characteristics of the product or check whether the product is in place and/or correct the position of the label. The driving force behind this trend lies in its lower cost and more users' awareness of using visual systems. We should not put irregular gaskets and sleeves in the drawing.

the precise and reliable application system requires the use of the visual system. In addition, the pollution caused by the plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. The requirements of drug packaging are the highest, and the processing process needs to be 100% effective. "Installing a visual system in the processing process can find and remove unqualified products in mass production. This is equivalent to closing the loop in the process," said grimmett of OMRON

grimmett explained that in some packaging applications, the requirements for perceiving clean and clean objects (such as storage bags, bottles, etc.) are increasing. A product example is Omron's e3z-b rear reflection sensor, which can detect very small brightness changes. Customized optical and electronic technologies make this advanced level of sensors possible. A typical application is the pet plastic bottle production line, which can check the position of the bottle cap and trademark

According to gealy of forte, touch screens (operator stations that display diagnostics and weight calibration) and similar devices represent another branch of automation. For the operator interface and display, the key is to filter out the large amount of data provided and convey the most meaningful information to the user. In the process of automation, we must be able to identify the graphics and data that are key to the operator

distributed control

perhaps the most advantageous part of the third generation packaging technology is that it can distribute motion control to each individual machine or production section. Each servo drive and servo motor handling a specific packaging station can be accurately synchronized by a controller through an optical fiber network (such as SERCOS)

the motion/logic controller of Bosch resroth's third generation packaging machine is either rack based (generally referred to as PLC) or PC based. One controller can handle up to 40 moving axes, thus reducing the burden on the system controller. It is more typical to run 20 axes, said three. The multi controller can handle up to 1280 axes

previously, it was impossible to form an integrated production line through synchronization, said Tom Jensen, a senior technician at elau. "In the past, the packaging line used to rely on many gathered equipment, so the processing process between machines had to be queued. Now, packers realize the benefits of synchronizing the packaging line more closely." The conveyor is more used as a product collector between machines, including some clever variants, such as the spiral conveyor belt that saves ground space

the synchronization between controllers in the packaging line is a concern independent of motor drive synchronization. This synchronization refers to the synchronization bus of OMAC (based on IEEE1588). In order to ensure the optimal data flow, it strives to unify the clock in different parts of the distributed test, measurement or control system

now manufacturers design more modular and multifunctional machines, which get rid of the bottleneck problems accumulated for a long time and reduce the size. The modular design also accelerates the change of packaging form and makes it possible to reconfigure future machines

an OEM can, for example, insert a cardboard packaging module into a filling/packaging machine, or add a box packaging robot to the cardboard packaging machine. In the control layer, adding a large code block (such as IEC function block) can realize this additional function without more control hardware. "The scalability of control is an important attribute of the third generation packaging machine," Jensen added

he believes that in order to make the third generation packaging machine more competitive, at least integrated motion and logic control should be adopted

Jensen's view is that the automation architecture must go beyond the PLC type data structure, so as to effectively interface to MES (Manufacturing Execution System) data, interface to upstream operations that affect production, and see the overall picture of equipment efficiency

three steps to effectively automate the packaging production line

determine your needs

determine the production volume, accuracy and frequency of conversion of your packaging line - that is, the number of production lines and the flexibility of operating different products in the same production line. This will help you decide the layout of the type of production line and the level of automation machine you need. If your production line is a slow dedicated line that produces only one product, you need to run a fixed mechanical device on the machine

investigate the automation level of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who make machines for you, such as:

◆ generation 1 - non servo, machines on the production line are driven by mechanical shafts

◆ generation 2 - hybrid type, with a few servos in key machine areas

◆ third generation - all servo based electrical equipment, providing maximum production and flexible operation conversion

please note what kind of controller OEMs use (or their automation partners) - for motion, logic, servo, HMI, i/o series, motors, etc. Find out which automation supplier solutions most of your OEMs use; As it has been accepted and recognized by OEM, the supplier will provide you with the best opportunity of low-cost control solutions. Study the technology provided by the automation solution provider, and whether it is suitable for your requirements and flexibility. Once the OEM expires as the guarantor, you must be able to support the automation solution you choose

select the automation partner you need

please select an automation partner before choosing OEM

a Ganfeng lithium industry is the only one in China that has the industrialization technology of extracting lithium from brine and ore at the same time. It is a partner who understands this industry and is proficient in food and packaging applications. You need a partner who cares about your interests and can manage in the production environment of evil cool

b requires an open architecture motion controller system, rather than a dedicated architecture locked to specific controllers, drives, motors, etc

c choose a partner who can provide you with the right technology for your application, such as AC servo drive for high-speed production lines (such as continuous operation winders and cardboard packaging machines) and pneumatic technology for carton packaging machines and palletizing machines, which requires the lowest cost of automation technology. Similarly, you should consider automated mechanical solutions for conveyor belts and other parts of your machine

d choose a partner who can provide technical support worldwide and pay enough attention to your requirements. Your partner should be dedicated and hard-working, and provide appropriate resources for the correct completion of the task

e choose a true global partner, who has a solid foundation in North America, Europe and Asia. Why? Because some of your OEM supplied equipment may come from other countries

f choose a partner who focuses on higher performance systems, instead of only dealing with 60% - 70% of your system, but leave the more difficult part to others. In this case, you will have two control systems to meet your needs - and ultimately limit the entire production

g requests to provide key technologies to today's top automation partners:

◆ on a single controller, the multi axis synchronization of servo is as high as 40

◆ digital SERCOS optical fiber communication to the drive system

◆ 230~480v AC (can automatically measure the range) higher voltage drive, three-phase input, so there is no need to use a transformer

◆ with built-in and complete motor feedback, your machine does not need to return to its original position, thus saving time and money

◆ the control, drive and motor have the performance of removable flash memory, which can be replaced quickly and easily. It is not necessary to download the latest software revision through the laptop computer

◆ when you try to integrate machines from different OEMs, the ability to synchronize the control of one machine with another will greatly reduce the interface problems. This can save months of integration time in the factory, so your products can be brought to market faster

don't lose big things for small things

choose OEMs that are stable and easy to communicate business. Make sure they understand your long-term goals and provide resources on time

if possible, choose an OEM partner for your entire automated production line - your production process is very special, so you need to be the only OEM for this application. Consider choosing the largest and most capable OEM, who can contract the work to some small OEMs respectively. In this way, your can be simplified, avoiding the problems of communication and integration

once you have selected automation partners and OEMs, you can hold a centralized meeting before the project starts, including OEMs, system integrators (if any), automation partners and project managers of your company. The results of this meeting should include:

◆ ensure that every participant recognizes him/her

◆ formulate and approve the stage table of the project

◆ establish basic rules for mutual communication

◆ agree to hold statistical meetings for more than 150 years at any time when major problems occur in the project

◆ hold a meeting when the project is completely completed and good or bad practical effects can be identified. If everything goes well, there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future

this will be conducive to the smooth progress of the project and reduce the occurrence of accidents

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