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Linghua technology released a four channel 2 ms/s synchronous sampling USB interface data acquisition module

on October 23, 2014, Beijing News Asia's largest data acquisition and PXI platform product supplier Linghua technology released a new four channel USB 2.0 interface data acquisition module usb-1210. Usb-1210 supports 16 bit resolution and four channel synchronous sampling, and each channel provides a sampling rate of up to 2 MS/s. 1 this investment of Jinmin 3D R & D team will give our customers and viggs a chance to grow. With the 256M samples FIFO cache design, it can ensure zero data loss during continuous data collection for a long time. Usb-1210 is the only USB interface data acquisition module that supports 2 ms/s sampling rate on the market. It can support USB port power supply. It has the characteristics of high sampling rate, high dynamic performance and plug and play convenience. It can be widely used in various portable and external extended measurement applications, such as ultrasonic, optical sensor signal measurement, etc

Linghua technology usb-1210 "he told reinforced plastics:" once you add graphene to carbon fiber to provide excellent dynamic performance, it can still provide more than 14.3-bit effective resolution (ENOB) and -100db total harmonic distortion (THD) when the four channel synchronous sampling is up to 2 MS/s Performance. 256M samples f is built in the hardware to facilitate the Ifo cache design. When usb-1210 carries out long-time continuous data collection at the highest speed, it can maintain the data cache capacity of more than 16 seconds, which can avoid the data loss caused by the failure of USB interface to transmit data in real time due to the busy system and CPU during the sampling period, and ensure that users can collect the required signals completely and accurately. In addition, the usb-1210 on-board reference voltage can complete the automatic calibration function without external instruments, reduce the interference of environmental factors, and easily improve the accuracy of data acquisition

in order to cope with the changeable test environment and conditions, usb-1210 supports elastic external digital or analog signal trigger source and complete trigger mode, and adopts 500 VDC isolation protection design, which can avoid the damage of the data acquisition module itself and the connected computer equipment caused by excessive voltage and improper measurement wiring, and can effectively resist the field interference and avoid the noise interference generated in the poorly grounded measurement environment, Improve the stability of the measurement system

in addition, Linghua technology usb-1210 provides complete accessories, including lockable USB connection cable, which can improve the ruggedness and stability of portable use. The diversified elastic structure base design, in addition to being convenient to carry, can also be used for guide rail installation or wall hanging. It also supports Windows 8 and windows 7 operating systems and is compatible with third-party software such as LabVIEW, MATLAB and visual. In addition, through the U-test free development software, users can directly operate and test the usb-1210 data acquisition module without writing any programs

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