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Linghua technology released 3U CompactPCI plusio motherboard equipped with the latest fourth generation Intel Core i7 processor. We have more than 3105 varieties and 1500 specifications of materials

China industrial control industrial control information Linghua technology released 3U CompactPCI plusio motherboard equipped with the latest fourth generation Intel Core i7 processor with large cracks

November 25, 2013, Beijing News Linghua technology, the industry leader of embedded computer products and application ready intelligent platforms, released the 3U CompactPCI motherboard cpci-3510 series using the latest fourth generation Intel Core i7 processor. The cpci-3510 series adopts a quad core Intel Core Iqe 2.4GHz processor, 8GB ddr3l-1600 ECC on-board memory, and 32GB SATA NAND flash memory. It conforms to the mil-std-810g military standard, provides wide temperature operation and shock proof standards, and provides reliable solutions for military and traffic applications. However, the "white pollution" caused by waste plastics is becoming more and more serious. The integrated HD 4600 or iristm Pro 5200 drawing engine makes the cpci-3510 series also very suitable for video decoding applications

the cpci-3510 series of Linghua technology has a dual-mode DisplayPort and a DVI-I output port, which can support three independent displays. With the dual screen display module integrated with xmc-g460, the cpci-3510 series can support up to four independent displays, especially suitable for the multi screen needs of the military aerospace industry in disaster recovery work or military application command centers

through the best thermal power consumption design and the use instruction of Linghua technology patent extreme about the microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal experimental machine wew (6) 00D, e rugged reinforcement design, Linghua technology cpci-3510 series can support a wide temperature operation range of -40 C to 80 C at most without pressurized air flow, which is enough to meet the key task challenges in various arduous environments

the cpci-3510 series of Linghua technology adopts Intel vPro technology, iAMT 9.0 remote management technology and the system management function of PICMG 2.9 IPMI to provide powerful system management capabilities, so that users can remotely configure the system and supervise and control the system status. Its remote diagnosis, remote maintenance and automatic alarm functions can save the time and money cost of system maintenance, and prevent the system from serious downtime in key applications

Linghua technology cpci-3510 series can not only be used as the system slot motherboard, but also operate independently on the surrounding slots. Through different vertical cards and the design of the rear cabling board, Linghua technology cpci-3510 series can provide a variety of rich i/o interfaces, including a DVI-I interface, two image output ports (displayport/dvi/hdmi), four serial ports, four SATA ports, four USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0 interfaces, six high-speed ports, as well as ps/2 kb/ms, audio ports, and one pmc/xmc expansion slot. At the same time, it supports TPM 1.2 trusted platform module and provides hardware based data protection

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