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Linghua Technology launched the ultralight box PC of intelcorei7/i5/i3: mix

ctiforum on November 1 (Jiaer): the professional manufacturer of modular embedded computing platform Linghua Technology launched the ultralight box PC: mix-220, which has three characteristics of high scalability, high reliability and high performance. It is an embedded computer with a simplified Mini itx industrial motherboard, It is equipped with the third generation quad core or dual core Intel Core i7/i5/i3 and Celeron processors, Intel qm67 high-speed chipset, and dual DDR3 1066/1333mhz (up to 8GB), and integrates Intel HD graphics (VGA, DVI-D, HDMI interface output). It is light in size and can be widely used in multimedia entertainment navigation control machine, safety monitoring, medical treatment or game console and other fields

in terms of high scalability, it supports two Gigabit wire ports or bit Ethernet through the metal wall, six USB 2.0, four serial ports (one rs-232/422/485, three RS-232), and an external shockproof hard disk extraction box, which can expand 2.5 SATA 6gb/s storage (hard disk/solid hard disk). In addition, mix-220 also provides a set of PCIe x16 and PCI slots, a set of mini PCIe cards, and expandable solid state drives or Wi Fi modules. In the heat dissipation design part, mix-220 has two groups of fans built in, which is convenient for cleaning and replacement. Its wall mounted bracket provides a flexible installation method

hongyingrui, director of Linghua technology embedded computing products division, said: considering that at present, when enterprises are developing system equipment, the fluctuation range of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage, and they hope to invest their manpower in the integration of software and hardware systems with unique added value, while Linghua technology mix-220 optimizes the integration design of hardware platform, In order to reduce the time and energy spent by enterprises in hardware design, development and production, no matter the number of products or the scope of production

the biggest difference between mix-220 and single purchase motherboard is that in addition to providing rich options in interface expansion, mix-220 has completed the assembly, testing and burning of the whole machine before leaving the factory, and can be used after the enterprise purchases it and unpacks it; Two 6cm fans can realize dynamic heat dissipation, equipped with air filters that are easy to clean and replace, and the chassis design of external hard disk extraction, which is more convenient for enterprise maintenance. Linghua technology also provides industrial grade solid-state drives (SATA 6gb/s SSD), which are characterized by wide temperature operation, shock resistance and fall resistance. They are suitable for the harsh working environment required by many automation equipment, and have higher reliability! Hong Yingrui said

in order to meet the application needs of all walks of life, Linghua technology mix-220 provides a variety of i/o interface designs, including a group of DVI, VGA, HDMI and HD audio. Mix-220 supports a variety of drawing interfaces, making it the best solution for high-performance processing, high-efficiency drawing requirements and multiple display programs. It is a comprehensive solution for customers who need high-level performance and image processing functions at the same time

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