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Linghua Technology Shanghai operation center was launched

on the 7th, Linghua Technology Shanghai operation center was launched to provide manufacturing and project R & D services

Linghua technology, located in the Shanghai operation center of Zhangjiang science and Technology Park in Pudong, Shanghai, China, was officially opened today (7th). More than 350 guests attended the opening ceremony, including customers, global dealers and agents from China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, northern Europe and other countries and regions. At the same time, Linghua technology specially invited Professor Wu Hemao, executive deputy director of the China Economic Research Center of Peking University, to be the guest speaker, giving a keynote speech on China's economic outlook: challenges and opportunities, and invited two distinguished guests from American Intel to give lectures on intel's embedded vision and return to growth: transforming the next generation of embedded computing, to watch wonderful performances and participate in various negotiation meetings, Lively

the 2010 Global Partner Conference of Linghua technology held in the morning of the opening ceremony is the largest international conference of Linghua technology since its establishment 15 years ago. For agents in Europe, America and Asia, Liujun, chairman of Linghua technology, explained in detail the service content and development policy of Shanghai operation center, laying a more solid foundation for long-term cooperation between the two sides

from the noon welcome reception, customers from all over the world arrived one after another. At two o'clock in the afternoon, the chairman Liu Jun and the first general manager of Shanghai operation center led the management team of Linghua technology to conduct a ribbon cutting ceremony with customers, symbolizing the start of Shanghai operation center. In particular, the important customers and long-term cooperative dealer partners of Linghua technology have planted hundreds of green trees in the plant area of the Shanghai operation center of Linghua technology, which is really incompatible with the spirit and mobile phone industry of Linghua technology. In addition to beautifying the environment, they have also established a stable friendship between the two sides with the everlasting memorial significance of the tree of friendship

Chairman Liu Jun said in his speech that from the organizational point of view, Shanghai operation center is a newly established institution of Linghua technology. Shanghai operation center will develop global business opportunities for Linghua technology with a new operation mode through a wide factory office space and two sub department units, Shanghai manufacturing center and Shanghai Design Center, although they have a strong sense of color. Liu Jun said: the Shanghai operation center provides manufacturing and project R & D services. Its business principles are two. One is to establish medium and high-yield production and manufacturing capacity, improve Linghua's purchasing competitiveness, and strengthen the cost structure of Linghua's overall product line. The second is to strengthen the relationship with international customers and jointly expand new opportunities in the Chinese market

in response to the first point, chairman Liu Jun pointed out that unlike Linghua technology's manufacturing center in Taipei, which produces high-end and high value-added products, the manufacturing units in Shanghai operation center are mainly products with high output and competitive price advantages. For quality requirements, Linghua technology adheres to its consistent principles and will not change

as for the second point, strengthening customer relations is closely related to the development of international customers in the Chinese market. Linghua technology expands the growth of each other in the Chinese market through the Shanghai operation center. Therefore, through the Shanghai operation center, Linghua technology can not only face the competition with the best cost structure in manufacturing, but also provide customers with more strategic project development services, and become the best partner for international customers to explore the Chinese market

through the platform integration of Shanghai operation center, including design, verification, manufacturing, system assembly, testing and logistics services, Linghua technology deepens the relationship with customers, becomes the main strategic partner of customers, and jointly develops the most beneficial operation mode for both sides. It is worth mentioning that Linghua Technology Shanghai operation center has set up an overseas customer business center to provide office space rental and product exhibition room as the operation foothold for the development of international customers in China, and set up a product verification laboratory to provide verification technical services, etc. to specifically practice the business policy. Through the colored plastic bottle

about Linghua

Linghua technology is committed to the improvement and innovation of measurement, automation and computer communication technology, and provides solutions to global telecom, intelligent transportation and electronic manufacturing customers. With the dedication to professional technology and the self requirements of practicing customer commitments, it has launched a number of innovative products leading the industry, obtained ISO-9001, ISO-14001, TL9000 and other certifications, and is the only production system in the domestic industrial computer industry that has imported 6 Sigma and passed the professional audit of international major manufacturers. Linghua technology for Intel? As a first-class member of the embedded alliance, PICMG association can participate in the formulation of specifications and the board of directors and the highest level members of PXI systems Alliance Association. At present, it has subsidiaries in the United States, Singapore, China and Japan, and offices in India, Germany, South Korea and France to provide fast service and real-time support to local customers. Linghua Technology (China) Co., Ltd. has three branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The output of hbcdd in China from 2011 to 2012 was about 35000 to 38000 tons, providing advanced industrial modules and application platforms for the measurement and testing, automation and embedded computer industries. Address:

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