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Linghua Technology launched a complete EtherCAT solution to build a new generation of smart factory

on June 25, 2015, Beijing News Expert Linghua technology, who integrates motion control and machine vision, released the first EtherCAT solution, including the master controller talos-3012 in line with IEC programming standards, and the EPS series of i/o and motion control slave systems. The compact and space-saving body design provides customers with high real-time, high efficiency Easy to develop, strengthen and economical automatic control process solutions. In order to meet the high-efficiency and high-speed motion control and joint application requirements of smart factory under the industrial 4.0 architecture, Linghua technology EtherCAT solution provides highly integrated software and hardware configuration, fast and simple application programming interface (API), combined with Linghua technology's core softmotion control technology, as well as a variety of development kits that can accelerate the development speed and can be used immediately, making the construction of a new generation of smart factory environment even more powerful

efficient, high-precision real-time control

the main controller talos-3012, which is light in size and equipped with a powerful quad core Intel atomtm e3845 processor, supports IEC programming standards, so it can be quickly integrated into the traditional PLC program language environment and softmotion function modules. When a single master controller is connected in daisy chain with a slave system, it can achieve real-time control of up to 64 axes, 10000 Dios, and 2500 AIO points. The superior multi task processing capability can simultaneously meet a large number of computing power requirements such as HMI output, motion control, PLC and off functions commonly used in industrial automation processes

the EPS slave system of Linghua technology adopts the latest RISC processor and FPGA. The modular design allows the compact chassis with a size of only 110 x 130 x 105 mm to flexibly configure multiple channels according to the needs of customers. Linghua technology EPS slave system provides quite a wealth of i/o modules, including di/o, ai/o, heat measurement, motion control and EtherCAT communication modules. There is no need to worry about compatibility when expanding

easy to develop and speed up the time to market

the EtherCAT solution of Linghua technology is highly compatible with third-party EtherCAT system equipment through strict verification, and can be quickly integrated with EtherCAT servo motors and EtherCAT products, reducing compatibility problems when purchasing EtherCAT peripheral components. Through the EtherCAT setting tool software linkmasterpro independently developed by Linghua technology, the high-speed rail detection instrument is selected by the vast number of industries and scientific research institutions at home and abroad for its accuracy, reliability and excellent software functions. The master control system can automatically detect the slave system and i/o module, generate the XML file of the configuration, and reduce the labor and time costs required for re detection and setting during subsequent installation. In addition, Linghua technology's software is compatible with IEC programming standards, and provides a variety of application suites to accelerate development, solve multiple problems of system development and user setting and maintenance, and shorten the time required for listing

intelligent monitoring with reinforcement molding shrinkage: 3.1 (7) 7% of the design

the EPS slave module of Linghua technology not only supports di/o, ai/o and i/o such as heat measurement and motion control, but also provides the status monitoring function for EPS modules and systems, including thermal detection, low power detection, service cycle and other module spring experimental machines, which are mainly divided into three types: operation status report, error control, motion and servo i/o status detection. All data can be displayed in real time through software or instruments, so that the module status of field equipment can be comprehensively mastered and monitored in real time, so as to prevent losses caused by large-scale machine errors. The automatic detection module function of linkmasterpro software not only accelerates the setting process of EtherCAT, but also assists in evaluating the functional operation status of EPS system, making the system setting easier and time-saving. The hot pluggable design of EPS slave module allows the system to replace the module without turning off the power supply, greatly reducing the capacity loss caused by turning off the power supply during maintenance, and realizing the adjustment of product structure. In addition, the hot plug connector reduces the trouble of rewiring and makes the maintenance work smoother. EtherCAT series of Linghua technology has a compact design without fan, which does not occupy space. It not only meets the IP31 standard, but also supports a wide temperature working range from -20 C to +60 C. the reinforced design can ensure long-term use in the harsh industrial control environment

you canming, director of Linghua technology measurement and automation products division, said: Linghua technology industrial automation and motion control solutions have been widely supported and adopted by customers, and have set a new record of installing more than 500000 axes in the world. While Linghua launched EtherCAT solutions, we are convinced that Linghua technology's professional experience in this field, seamless services, superior development kits, high integration with other existing i/o modules, and a complete industrial computer platform can make us stand out from our peers. We are confident that the newly launched EtherCAT solutions can help customers solve key challenges in various automation industries, Let customers quickly build a new generation of smart factory

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Linghua technology provides an application ready intelligent platform for measurement and testing, industrial automation, network communication, military industry, transportation, medical treatment and information entertainment industries with innovative embedded computing solutions. Linghua technology is a senior member of Intel Internet of things Solutions Alliance, a member of PICMG Association and pc/104 Association who can participate in the formulation of specifications, a board member and the highest level member of PXI systems Alliance Association (pxisa), a strategic member of axie alliance, a member of VMEbus International Trade Association (Vita), and a member of Embedded Technology Standardization Organization (sget). Linghua technology is headquartered in Taiwan and has manufacturing centers in Taiwan and Chinese Mainland. Its R & D and integration business groups are distributed in Taiwan, China, the United States and Germany, and its sales and service bases are all over the world. Linghua technology has passed ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-13485 and TL9000 certification, providing reliable products, fast service and real-time support to customers all over the world. Address:

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