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Linghua technology released the world's first 14 slot 3U portable PXI chassis

on April 25, 2007, Beijing News, Asia's largest data acquisition and PXI platform product supplier - Linghua technology released the world's first 14 slot 3U highly integrated portable PXI chassis pxis-2690p. Continuing the successful experience of Linghua technology in PXI chassis design, Linghua pxis-2690p has the characteristics of convenient carrying, powerful function, high integration, excellent thermal stability and system reliability. As the world's first 14 slot PXI portable chassis, Linghua pxis-2690p is an ideal choice for PXI testing and measurement application platform, such as military equipment testing, multi in one automation equipment testing, transportation equipment testing, etc. Because of its portability, testing and measurement can be carried out everywhere

Linghua pxis-2690p is a highly integrated PXI chassis, which integrates 15 inch LCD screen, keyboard/mouse touch panel and power supply into a single architecture. Pxis-2690p conforms to pxirev 2.2 specification, compatible with all PXI bus signals, including trigger bus, star trigger (the overall development trend of sta instrument products is "6 high and 1 long" and "210 one-step manufacturing" rtrigger), local bus and 10MHz system reference clock, which can provide excellent synchronous trigger function for test and measurement applications. Linghua pxis-2690p chassis is equipped with one system slot and 13 peripheral slots, which can meet the requirements of a large number of 3upxi and CompactPCI modules in high-end PXI based applications

ruggedness and system stability are important parameters of portable chassis. Linghua pxis-2690p is made of aluminum alloy, which can withstand impact and resist vibration in mobile environment. Three 120mmx120mmx25mm fans can provide 223.5cfm air flow to ensure the best operating temperature when working inside the chassis. Linghua pxis-2690p is equipped with an industrial grade 500wac power supply to provide reliable support for the system. In the future, DC power supply will be available for on-board applications

Linghua pxis-2690p has been listed. For more information, please contact the local business representatives of Linghua technology or browse http://ww Adopt electro-hydraulic loading, sensor force measurement, digital display force value, printer print force value data, and automatically convert compressive strength

about Linghua

Linghua technology is committed to the improvement and innovation of measurement, automation and computer communication technology, and provides solutions to global telecom, intelligent transportation and electronic manufacturing customers. With the dedication to professional technology and the self requirements of practicing customer commitments, it has launched a number of innovative products leading the industry, obtained ISO-9001, ISO-14001, TL9000 and other certifications, and is the only production system in the domestic industrial computer industry that has imported 6Sigma and passed the professional audit of international major manufacturers. Linghua technology is a first-class member of Intel Communication Alliance. PICMG association can participate in the formulation of specifications. It is a member of the board of directors and the highest level member of pxisystemsalliance Association, and joined lxiconstitum in 2005. At present, it has subsidiaries in the United States, Singapore and China, and offices in India, Germany and South Korea to provide fast service and real-time support to local customers. Linghua Technology (China) Co., Ltd. provides cost-effective products and professional services for various types of experimental machine products in electronic manufacturing, electricity and so on, which are widely used in some industrial manufacturing departments such as chemical industry, petroleum, building materials, machinery, shipbuilding, transportation, etc. at the same time, it will also provide high-quality products and professional services in laboratories of some universities and scientific research institutions. It is expected to become a leading brand of industrial application computers in China through deep cultivation in the industry market

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