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Knowing the needs of consumers, Huanhui hardware tools has become a leader in the industry. According to the survey, in recent years, with the development of Shandong hardware industry, let's take a look at the new materials exhibition on high-performance aero engines. It has become an important base for the production of hardware industry. China is one of the countries with the most active research, utilization and development of graphene, from which many well-known brands have also been bred, Showing a good development trend. Huanhui hardware tools is one of them. In the process of product development and production, it takes the needs of consumers as the guide and makes appropriate adjustments to enhance the competitiveness of the brand and become a leader in the hardware tool industry

it is reported that Huanhui hardware tools is a brand of Dezhou Muke Animal Husbandry Machinery Co., Ltd. It mainly sells all kinds of egg incubators, including large incubators, medium incubators and small incubators. At the same time, it also develops and produces all kinds of poultry breeding and animal husbandry equipment to meet the needs of all kinds of breeding people

(Figure: small incubator of Huanhui hardware tools)

through market research, Huanhui hardware tools found that with the continuous development of the breeding industry, many farms need to purchase a large number of incubators to ensure normal operation. However, there are few incubator brands in China, and the technology for making incubators is not developed. Many farms need to import incubators from foreign markets to buy incubators. Many consumers hope that there can also be incubators with good performance in China. Huanhui hardware tools keenly understands this demand of consumers and decides to be a pioneer in the industry, so that consumers can also buy high-quality incubators in China

in order to produce an advanced incubator, Mr. Du, the founder of Huanhui hardware tools, introduced the prototype of the incubator from abroad, and hired several technology bosses to form his own R & D team. Through continuous research, exploration and data access, the R & D team of Huanhui hardware tools successfully solved the technical problems, not only mastered the technology of producing incubators, but also made the incubators have better performance on the original basis

for consumers, the main function of incubator is incubation, so the hatching rate has become one of the important standards for consumers to buy incubation. Aiming at the low hatching rate of traditional incubators, enterprises need to break through the previous thinking mode of manufacturing, sales and service, and Huanhui hardware tools have been improved. Huanhui hardware tools adopts a fully automatic system to automatically control the operation of the incubator, which is more intelligent. It can automatically control the temperature and humidity, and can accurately display the temperature, humidity, incubation days and hours in the box. It is understood that its accuracy has reached 0.1. Compared with the traditional incubator, the accuracy of temperature control is more accurate. And it can also automatically alarm. When the chassis is low temperature, over temperature, and cooling water is cut off, the incubator will appear an alarm signal, so that consumers can find it in time and adjust the temperature appropriately, which greatly improves the hatching rate. According to the test, the hatching rate reached 95%. Therefore, once the product is listed, it has been favored by consumers, with an annual output value of more than 10million

(Figure: large incubator of Huanhui hardware tools)

based on a detailed calculation, Huanhui hardware tools have gone through six or seven years and occupied a place in the industry, which can reduce the cost of products by 20% in the long run (3) 0%. Huanhui hardware tools, guided by consumer demand, produces products that match consumer demand, thus winning a good reputation. I believe that the brand will make greater progress in the future

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