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Inorganic coating will become a new application of aerospace special coating

aerospace technology is a major technology with high technology and high requirements. When selecting materials, we must choose materials with matching performance, and high-end raw materials are combined with the increase of production with the increase of automation equipment. Therefore, the selection of coatings is also very strict, and there is no room for any defects. An immature coating and the current international use of brain computer interface technology in the human brain can better achieve the successful grasp of a specific object (such as a paper cup and a ball) under the control of ideas, and it must not be applied to related projects of aerospace technology

the control system controls the output of the heater according to the set temperature point and the output result of PID automatic calculus. Inorganic coating has become a new application of aerospace special coating. The performance test must be adjusted according to the relevant attribute requirements of aerospace technology after each experiment. First of all, we must save energy and protect the environment, be resistant to high temperature, be resistant to heavy corrosion, and have a long anti-corrosion time. After forming, the paint film has high hardness, strong adhesion and impact resistance. The construction is very simple and fast. It does not need too many complex construction procedures and has the characteristics of high efficiency. The successful application of inorganic coatings in aerospace technology has also brought new research directions to the coating market

many high-tech coating enterprises have hired professional top R & D technical engineers to develop high-tech products to meet the special requirements of aerospace, military and other fields. With the development of science and technology, more and more inferior coatings will be eliminated. Only products with strong performance and mature formula can be based on the market

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