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Inova released the Web-based Information Center for call center

ctiforum on May 27 (compiled/Liu Yu): Inova solutions company recently released a customized information center for issuing verification reports in calls, called "performance tr placement Acker"

this "performance Tracker" message 7. Speed regulation range: 1 ⑵ 00mm/min information center uses the existing inline platform of the call center, allowing the center to make use of the existing technology investment. The information center between the front chuck seat and the oil cylinder is a tight space, which is based on the internal platform of the enterprise, such as Microsoft Internet information server (IIS) and other available IIS platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint

one of the unique features of "performance Tracker" is the ability to centralize information from different data sources into one dashboard. Call center professionals can view human resource management data, as well as the indicators of automatic call distributors and other data within one or a group of dashboards, thanks to the rule-based engine and the threshold of Inova lightlink. Lightlink acts as a middleware, which gathers different and incomprehensible data together and displays it on the integrated web dashboard in real time

Pete sisti, CEO of Inova solutions, said, "due to the ability of Inova to integrate multiple data sources and provide customized performance tracker, the call center sees great value. This new service expands the value of existing internal investment and maintains an unbeaten record through our 27 years of call center professional experience."

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