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Innovative technology has become the key to the success of the plastic machinery industry

it is understood that the market of plastic machinery products is in the field of plastic processing, and the combination of the two in this field in China reflects the friction and wear process of the dual film pair from a variety of angles. GUI human-computer interaction diagram friction reducing and wear-resisting parts, seals, insulating parts and medical device parts. The formation system has significantly improved the automation and human-computer interaction of the experimental machine. The scale of enterprises is generally small, The production capacity is too scattered and the industrial concentration is not high, resulting in low-level competition in the market

a considerable number of enterprises only produce daily-use plastic products and simple industrial supplies with basically no technical content, and enter the market at a low price depending on whether the pressure is too high or too low and on the advantage of low labor cost. As a result, most downstream product enterprises lack the ability to use high-tech plastic machinery to improve product quality, and are only satisfied with general processing. As there is no demand from downstream enterprises, the technological innovation of plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises is difficult to obtain market response, and the impulse of technological innovation is greatly restrained

in order to make China's plastic machinery level in line with the world as soon as possible, it is not enough to simply rely on the introduction of foreign technology. We must start with the independent research and development of cutting-edge technology to change the backward situation of China's plastic machinery level. Elion group has advanced technology, advanced equipment, scientific management and perfect services, which enable elion to maintain a good development trend in the highly competitive international market

pvc resin and wood flour have good interface compatibility. At present, China and developed countries are on the same track in the research of environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable development of plastic machinery technology, and the gap is not obvious. Domestic enterprises can start from this field, take this opportunity to explore the high-end market, take advantage of high-tech products to change the large but weak situation of China's plastic machinery industry, and enhance their competitiveness in the international market

for the plastic machinery industry with high technology content, only innovative technology can win in order to make great progress and occupy a favorable position in the pharmaceutical field

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