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Inside story! Titanium dioxide, talc and other powders have a new round of rising trend

inside story! Titanium dioxide, talc and other powders have a new round of rising trend

On December 15, 2017, the Ministry of land and resources formulated the notice of the Ministry of land and resources on improving the registration and management of mineral resources mining. This notice makes mining more and more difficult, the scope of the mining area is limited, the mining right on file cannot be transferred, and the mining right involving environmental violations will be cancelled. Due to this series of regulations, up to now, the mining operation rate is low. In order to maintain production, mining is manual pickaxe planing, with extremely low production and high mining costs. In addition to foreign procurement, the overall production cost has risen sharply, an increase of 20% - 40% over the original

in addition, mineral development itself has a high demand for explosives. If the state continues to restrict explosives, it will have a big impact on mining. Common fault 3:

★ the stricter supervision of mining rights affects not only the mining enterprises themselves, but also the upstream and downstream production-oriented enterprises that rely on mines, such as titanium ore, barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, talc powder and other production enterprises. Titanium ore enterprises are the upstream enterprises of titanium dioxide, which is the raw material of coatings. The shutdown of titanium mining is bound to lead to another price increase of titanium dioxide

in addition to the environmental protection tax that will be levied on January 1, 2018, the rectification of environmental protection and safety supervision is even worse for the industry, otherwise it will open the dial glass to adjust the active needle to reach the above position. Forced by helplessness, many manufacturers are expected to issue price increase notices again! The soaring price of raw materials is not just continuous. "Lu Jun said that the price rise of the round may not be able to buy goods. The price rise of the price rise, hype, and the price gap between regions is too large. From" comparing low prices "to" comparing no goods "and" comparing high prices "! The market environment is messy! It can be said that the waste materials soared

finally, I want to give you a word: if you stand firm, you are a boutique. If it falls, it's a pile of stones. Give up, you are a joke. Hold on, you are the most beautiful scenery in life

engineering plastics

the engineering plastics market is stable as a whole, with individual quotations rising, and traders shipping with them. The downstream is resistant to high priced goods, and the inquiry atmosphere is flat. Factories often take whatever they use according to their own production conditions. It is expected that the market may be stable and small today

upstream dynamics

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pa6 market price

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pa6 market quotation is roughly stable, the downstream just needs replenishment, and the overall trading atmosphere is light

pa66 market price

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pa66 market price is mainly stable, the supply of goods is tight, and some are reluctant to sell

pc market price

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the PC market price in Dongguan fluctuated at a high level, with individual reductions. Terminal high-level purchasing mentality is cautious, and the firm offer trading just needs to be negotiated

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Yu metal also has its shortcomings. Yao PC market is highly consolidated, the market mentality is cautious, the market trading is limited, and the firm negotiation maintains rigid demand

pom market price

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pom market quotation fluctuates little, traders ship with them, downstream factories take them with them, and the transaction is weak

pmma market price

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pmma market price is stable, downstream factories continue to purchase on demand, and the trading atmosphere is general

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