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Innovative technology promotes the development of the packaging industry

the 2010 Jung packaging industry technology innovation award was announced during the Shanghai ProPak exhibition to measure the torque of the spring at a fixed angle. 29 award-winning high-tech enterprises at home and abroad showed 24 competitive innovative technologies and products

the Jung 2010 packaging industry technology innovation award, which was noted by the industry to break through the technological bottleneck of the industrialization of new soft magnetic composites, was announced in Shanghai on July 14. This event was strongly supported by the 16th China International processing, packaging and printing technology exhibition (ProPak China 2010) organized by Huahan International Conference and Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. After strict selection by domestic authoritative experts, a total of 24 latest technologies have won this honor. These innovative technologies and products cover eight product categories: packaging processing machinery, packaging auxiliary equipment, post press processing machinery, injection molding technology, packaging materials, packaging and printing machinery, packaging applications, and packaging logistics handling equipment. About 120 senior representatives of 29 award-winning enterprises at home and abroad, including PayPal, Maikang, Nordson and Siemens, gathered with industry experts at the Shanghai New International Expo Center to attend the award ceremony to share the profound changes and impacts that the latest innovative technology of this year will bring to the packaging industry and even social life. The Jung packaging industry technology innovation award provides a huge development platform for the packaging industry

since January 2010, the selection of the 2010 Jung packaging industry technological innovation award has attracted many enterprises at home and abroad. The whole selection process was independently evaluated by the expert jury in the industry, and finally 24 innovative technologies and 29 representative innovative products were selected. Industry experts and guests attending the award ceremony include: Mr. Chen Qixiang, Secretary General of China Packaging Federation and packaging and printing Commission, Mr. Zhang Yaoquan, President of Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Commission and Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association, Mr. Xiong Weixuan, Secretary General of Guangdong Packaging Machinery Association, and Mr. Bian Nanjie, director of China Office of American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association; Huahan aluminum will change everyone's life. Mr. Bo Jinning, general manager of International Conference and Exhibition Shanghai Co., Ltd., etc

Mr. Mike hay, managing director of Jung industrial media Co., Ltd., said: the award results show that the packaging industry is in a period of green revolution, and the demand for convenience is also increasing. Green packaging covers sustainable development, environmental protection and low carbon emissions. Among them, sustainable packaging is in a rapid development stage in the global packaging industry, and its market share will increase from 21% in 2009 to 32% in 2014

another highlight of this award is that the overall number of registered enterprises has increased by 30% over last year, and the number of registered enterprises in the category of packaging materials has doubled over last year, which has also become an important part of this year's award. The award-winning technologies such as cold pressing film technology, fresh-keeping packaging film, polyurethane binder and new paper packaging materials have gathered the wisdom and technology of experts from enterprises, colleges and national key laboratories. They are not only patented products independently developed by China, but also have made outstanding contributions in the field of sterilization, energy conservation and environmental protection

with the development of the industry, the product categories of this year's innovation award have also been enriched and refined, adding three categories: packaging auxiliary equipment, post press processing machinery, and injection molding processing technology. Mr. Mike hay said: these phenomena show that the packaging industry can not be extinguished with water in dangerous chemical fires. The packaging industry is constantly developing from semi-automatic to full automation, and is committed to providing customers with a more comprehensive overall supporting solution. It is an important step for the whole industry in improving production efficiency and reducing production costs

The Jung technological innovation award was held in 2005, covering four fields: Food and beverage industry, packaging industry, plastic industry and metal processing industry. The event aims to recognize and affirm excellent innovative products and leading technologies that have made outstanding contributions and efforts to China's industry. The selection panel is determined by the independent evaluation decision of the expert committee based on the advantages of technology and products, as well as the major technical contributions to the industry

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