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Important progress has been made in inorganic separation catalytic membrane materials

the key project of the Ministry of engineering and materials science of the National Natural Science Foundation, "inorganic separation catalytic membrane materials", jointly undertaken by the University of science and technology of China, the Dalian Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Nanjing University of chemical technology, has recently passed the acceptance of experts. The project has completed the following contents:

1. From the perspective of material design, the ion substitution and compatibility of perovskite type composite oxides. The Netherlands has put a "hoop" on the packaging materials to coordinate research, and developed a variety of ion electron hybrid oxygen permeable membrane materials with high oxygen permeability. For the composition, structure and microstructure of these systems, Especially in the atmosphere of partial oxidation of methane to syngas, the mechanical and deepening properties, oxygen permeability and oxygen transport mechanism were deeply and systematically studied. Oxygen permeable membrane materials with independent intellectual property rights and important application prospects have been developed, such as bsc-fo series oxygen permeable membrane materials. The oxygen permeability of bsc-fo series oxygen permeable membrane materials is as high as 7.08 m3/m2 · h in the reaction atmosphere of partial oxidation of methane to syngas (POM). Bcfzo and "Yan zengxu, Secretary General of China instrumentation industry association, said that ZrO2 doped srfe0.6co0.40 and other systems have high thermal and chemical stability in reducing atmosphere. The layered srfe1.5-xco has also achieved important results in the study of solid defects and oxygen transport properties of the system

2. Take the lead in studying the oxygen permeability of high-temperature oxide superconductors internationally, put forward a new design idea of single-phase two channel metal oxide oxygen separation membrane materials, and developed several new types of oxygen permeability membrane material systems with considerable oxygen permeability at medium and high temperatures

3. sheet and tubular membrane reactors were developed. Through the study of the membrane reaction process and mathematical simulation, as well as the evolution of material properties under these regional conditions, the membrane reaction was strengthened with tepex, and good results were achieved in terms of methane conversion (98%) and carbon monoxide selectivity (96%)

4. Tubular A-type zeolite membranes and si1ca1ite-1 zeolite membranes were prepared by microwave heating. Si1ca1ite-1 molecular sieve membrane reactor was successfully applied to propane dehydrogenation and aromatization

this project has provided important technical and academic accumulation for the establishment of a new process of natural gas to Syngas in China in terms of membrane materials and membrane reactors, and has generally reached the international advanced level, which will play an important supporting role in the international competition of knowing where fatigue testing machines are commonly used in inorganic catalytic membrane materials

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