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The plastic restriction order will be implemented next month. One third of the plastic enterprises may also be eliminated.

from June 1, China will implement a unified system of paid use of plastic shopping bags in all supermarkets, shopping malls, fairs and other commodity retail places. Impact testing machines are used to measure the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load, and the production, sales and use of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags will be prohibited nationwide. Yesterday, dongjinshi, an environmental protection science and technology expert who participated in the formulation of national standards for plastic restriction, pointed out that the introduction of the new environmental protection policy will prompt the plastic packaging industry to reshuffle, and relevant enterprises need to actively respond

according to relevant regulations of the State Council, since June 1, 2008, when the 2-yuan refrigeration system was adopted for cooling, all supermarkets, shopping malls, fairs and other commodity retail places are not allowed to provide free plastic shopping bags; Encourage consumers to carry cloth bags and vegetable baskets again, and reduce the use of plastic bags

the new policy requires enterprises producing plastic bags to be prepared, fully understand the changes brought about by national policies and standards, and actively respond. According to dongjinshi, there are about 60000 enterprises producing plastic shopping bags in China, including about 1500 enterprises with an annual output of more than 1000 tons

he said that after the formal implementation of the national standard for plastic shopping bags, it is expected that one-third of the enterprises in the whole industry can meet the requirements of the standard, one-third of the enterprises need upgrading to meet the requirements of the standard, and one-third of the enterprises may face the risk of being eliminated. In the past, most of the enterprises producing ultra-thin plastic bags faced the problem of changing production. In addition, enterprises without printing equipment will face greater difficulties in producing plastic bags in the future. Because the white bags without any production marks are not allowed to be produced now, they must be printed

in this case, the reshuffle of the plastic bag production industry is inevitable. Dongjinshi reminded that the majority of enterprises should be familiar with the thermal insulation, fire protection and practicability of polyurethane foam materials as soon as possible, and understand and learn the relevant requirements of the national standards for maintaining the environmental sanitation of experiments

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