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Will the "plastic restriction order" be far behind the "plastic prohibition order"

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core tip: Recently, a report in the people triggered a heated discussion in the society: the "plastic restriction order" since 2008 has encountered a dilemma. 1. Definition of extensometer extensometer is a sensor to feel the deformation of the test piece. Since its implementation for 9 years, many people feel that the amount of plastic bags is greater than before, and small shops give them freely, Supermarkets have made a lot of money from it - they charge for carrying bags, and even roll bags are transferred to commodity prices in the form of compulsory consumption, making the "plastic restriction order" become a "plastic sales order". Yesterday, I visited the major markets in Changsha and found that this phenomenon did exist

[China Packaging News] recently, a report by the people triggered a heated discussion in the society: the "plastic restriction order" since 2008 has encountered difficulties. Since its implementation for nine years, many people feel that the amount of plastic bags is greater than before. Small shops give them freely, and supermarkets make a lot of money from them - all bags are charged. Even roll bags are transferred to commodity prices in the form of compulsory consumption, making the "plastic restriction order" become a "plastic selling order". Yesterday, I visited the major markets in Changsha and found that this phenomenon did exist

consumers my bank I "plastic" the supermarket to make a fortune

"do you want a shopping bag? Large or small?" "Two large sizes, please." "Add 1 yuan!" This is a dialogue that often appears at the cashier of some supermarkets

according to the notice on restricting the use of plastic shopping bags in production and sales issued by the general office of the Academy, all commodity retail places implement the system of paid use of plastic shopping bags, which aims to reduce white pollution and promote the use of shopping. Shanxi Aluminum Plant filter material company is an important measure for Shanxi Aluminum Plant to cultivate and develop industrial product manufacturing. Cloth bags are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. However, nine years after the implementation of the "plastic restriction order", the plastic bag is full of our life

in major supermarkets, plastic bags can be purchased for a few cents, while the internal plastic bags can be used at will. It is difficult to see people bring their own environmentally friendly shopping bags. Some supermarkets don't even have environmental protection bags at all. If they want to pack things, they can only buy plastic bags. Consumers can't even protect the environment; The plastic bags in vegetable markets and small supermarkets are generally provided free of charge. Vendors can be seen shouting with plastic bags everywhere. At the snack stand, the peddler puts the plastic bag in the bowl and puts the food in the bowl with the bag. After the customer finishes eating, the peddler will throw away the bag and replace it with a new bag for the customer. It is not necessary to wash the dishes, but also "Hygienic". In the hot takeaway market in the past two years, the shopkeepers put the customers' ordered plastic bags for meals or Geon bio and good thermal stability plastic lunch boxes, and put another layer of plastic bags outside for portable use...

in addition, the "plastic restriction order" has turned plastic bags into a profitable commodity. Although the price of plastic bags is not high, but the use of plastic bags is large, it seems to have become a means for supermarkets to make profits. In some large supermarkets, only selling plastic bags can make millions of yuan every year. Some merchants even take plastic bags as a marketing means, "you can get a shopping bag for free by scanning the code and paying attention"

supervision is difficult, production is profitable, and consumption is dependent.

plastic bags are known as "the worst invention of mankind in the 20th century". White pollution does great harm. Countries around the world have also taken measures to limit it. However, the "plastic restriction order" in China has encountered the embarrassing situation of being reduced to empty talk

start with reducing this "convenience", improve the cost of plastic bag acquisition, and let users pay certain fees for using plastic bags. However, the cost of a few dimes makes consumers feel no pressure to spend, thus failing to achieve the purpose of restriction

according to jijunhui, director of National Engineering Research Center for engineering plastics: "Since the implementation of the plastic order in 2008, the annual reduction has accounted for less than 10% of the total production. Some scholars pointed out that after consumers pay, they will have a compensatory mentality, and it will be more justifiable to use plastic bags. Moreover, the plastic restriction order can be easily supervised in large supermarkets and regular shopping malls, but it is difficult to implement in some free markets, small shops and vendors."

inadequate supervision and punishment give the "plastic restriction order" its name. There are many manufacturers of plastic bags, and the sales channels and places of use are even more diverse. The regulatory authorities are beyond their reach, with little punishment and less inspection. Finally, they acquiesce in the merchants' wanton use of plastic bags

moreover, the policy itself has its limitations. According to the regulations, plastic bags shall not be provided free of charge in all supermarkets, shopping malls, fairs and other places. However, when the restaurant "packs" leftovers and makes on-line or off-line shopping, it doesn't listen to the "order"

it is difficult to supervise, production is profitable, consumption is dependent, and the intersection of behaviors of all parties leaves living space for plastic bags, making the "plastic restriction order" idle and difficult to implement

is it feasible to ban plastic bags

plastic bags do great harm to the environment, and the current "plastic restriction order" is ineffective. How can we manage plastic bags well

it is necessary to block, contain from the source, and strengthen government supervision. Since the "plastic restriction order" was initially implemented by the government, it can not be fully realized by the conscious efforts of businesses. Environmental protection, quality supervision, industry and Commerce and other departments must implement the approval, monitoring and law enforcement of plastic bag production to prevent illegal products from entering the market

the gentle "plastic restriction order" has been called for 9 years, and it is time for action to be hard, so someone put forward the "plastic prohibition order". Tongbinyuan, a member of the CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee, submitted a proposal: in order to reduce the increasingly serious white pollution of plastic bags, it is suggested to ban plastic bags throughout the province and implement a comprehensive "plastic ban". In his view, if we really want to hold the seven inches of "white pollution", we must say "no" to the use of plastic shopping bags through legislation

secondly, we should also be "lax". The "plastic restriction order" should extend the regulatory chain, not only limit the use, but also the sales and production, and exert efforts at both ends of the demand side and the supply side at the same time. In the implementation, if only the government departments fight alone, it is bound to be difficult to support alone. We should also mobilize the power of society, market and consumers to participate in the process of plastic bag management

for example, improve the whole chain system design of plastic bag sales, use and recycling; Plastic bags have small profits but quick turnover. By raising prices substantially, consumers feel "pain" when buying plastic bags, which may have a much more obvious effect; Changsha municipal government can also provide financial subsidies to reward consumers who use environmental protection bags in supermarkets and other places, which may encourage more people to develop the good habit of carrying "bags" with them; In addition, as a substitute, most of the environmental protection bags are now expensive and bulky. If we can make use of new materials and technologies to achieve low price and high appearance value, we believe that it can attract many people

however, whether it is blocking or draining, it is inseparable from the change of public awareness. It is necessary to strengthen the establishment of citizens' awareness of environmental protection

stone from other mountains

foreign "restrictions on plastic" are worth learning from

most stores in Germany provide customers with three kinds of shopping bags: plastic, canvas and cotton. No matter which kind of shopping bag is charged. The plastic bag itself is environmentally friendly and degradable, with strong texture and can be reused

Ireland has imposed a "bag tax". Since 2002, a tax of 0.15 euros (about 1.1 yuan) has been levied on each shopping plastic bag. All the taxes have been included in the environmental protection fund. In 2007, the Irish government raised the tax on shopping plastic bags to 0.22 euros each

Japanese merchants offer discounts to shoppers who bring their own bags. The Japanese government stipulates that when checking out, businesses should actively remind customers that they must pay for plastic shopping bags, and provide discounts to customers who bring their own shopping bags

the UK encourages customers with bonus points. At present, major large supermarket chains in the UK provide both free plastic bags and reusable shopping bags. Tesco, a large supermarket chain, encourages customers not to use plastic bags or reuse shopping bags by rewarding points

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