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The "plastic restriction order" has made the urban and rural markets and the effect between large and small enterprises "double heaven"

China's implementation of the "plastic restriction order" is about to expire, and on the whole, it has achieved positive results in many aspects. However, it was learned from interviews at the grass-roots level that the implementation of the "plastic restriction order" is still very different between urban and rural markets. Small workshops producing ultra-thin plastic bags are doing brisk business, while regular leading enterprises are struggling. The "plastic restriction order" still has a long way to go to achieve better policy results

according to the survey recently released by China Chain Management Association, the utilization rate of plastic bags in the supermarket retail industry in China has decreased by an average of 66%. We learned from some large shopping malls and supermarkets in Zhengzhou that the implementation effect of the "plastic restriction order" in such markets is very obvious

it was found in the interview of Zhengzhou large shopping malls and supermarkets that the implementation of the "plastic restriction order" in such markets was relatively standardized, and many consumers agreed with the "plastic restriction order" policy and brought their own shopping bags

jihonghui, the manager of Renmin Road store of Danni Qi Department store, a large commercial enterprise in Zhengzhou, introduced that the "plastic restriction order" has been implemented for nearly a year, and it is obvious that customers' awareness of environmental protection is increasing. 80% of customers bring their own shopping bags

however, in sharp contrast, free plastic bags, including ultra-thin plastic bags, are still popular in market markets, especially in rural markets. At the Weisan Road farmers' market in Zhengzhou City, a citizen who bought vegetables told: "we all support environmental protection, but sometimes it's really inconvenient. It's impossible to carry a bag everywhere. Sometimes when you buy a vegetable, it's wet and muddy. How to classify the spring fatigue testing machine without using a plastic bag and how to buy suitable equipment? There are also contradictions."

Li Ming, a vegetable merchant, said: "at the beginning, he tried not to give away plastic bags, but later on, the vegetables sold faster in the market, so everyone had to give them away."

the implementation of the "plastic restriction order" policy once had a great impact on the plastic bag manufacturing industry. Last year, Luohe Huaqiang Plastic Co., Ltd., the largest plastic bag manufacturer in China and occupying 60% of the domestic market share, announced its dissolution before the implementation of the "plastic restriction order", mainly because 90% of its products were prohibited by the policy. More than a year later, small workshops of plastic bag production enterprises are still booming, while some regular large enterprises are being forced into a corner by these small workshops

we learned from interviews in some cities and counties in Henan that the production cost of plastic bags is low. Tens of thousands of yuan can buy a set of equipment to start work. In addition, large enterprises have left a large market gap after exiting the market. Some small workshops have been opened rapidly. 1. Film making and photosensitive film production. Business is booming

after Huaqiang company announced its dissolution, Suiping Huiqiang Plastic Industry Development Co., Ltd. was reorganized on the basis of Huaqiang to solve the employment problem of more than 7000 laid-off workers in Suiping county production base and revitalize Huaqiang, a ring block friction and wear tester in Suiping County, Henan Province to evaluate the lubrication performance of various lubricants

"we are having a hard time now. It should be said that we are struggling." Wang Hongbing, former general manager of Huaqiang company and now head of Huiqiang company, told me. He said that the original annual output of Huaqiang company was 300000 tons, but now the enterprise's production is only one tenth of the original. On the one hand, there is a process for the company to transform and develop new products; on the other hand, it is mainly impacted by small workshop enterprises

the implementation of the "plastic restriction order" has been positively evaluated and recognized by the whole society, but it has also encountered embarrassment in the market. Whether a "ban" can be managed and managed well still needs the continuous efforts of departments at all levels and the continuous improvement of policies

wanghongbing said that based on the current national conditions and social consumption level, China is actually 5 The implementation of the "plastic restriction order" at the beginning of the experiment is also very advanced in the world, which shows that the government attaches importance to environmental protection and is also very supportive and welcome as an enterprise. At present, the enterprise is constantly adjusting the product structure, increasing the research and development of new products, and has sought a place in the market for long-term development

he said that the current unfair competition faced by enterprises should be paid attention to. The "plastic restriction order" has a strong binding force on standardizing enterprises, but it has a very limited binding force on more than 90% of small enterprises and small workshops, which can only be restricted by continuously increasing law enforcement efforts by relevant departments

some insiders also suggested that relevant national departments should set up a market access system in the plastic bag products industry, further regulate and fair industry competition, and give certain support and guidance to enterprises that really produce products in line with national regulations

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