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Plastic restriction is gradually approaching. Plastic bags face the problem of charging

this is a problem. The plastic bags that have been free for more than 20 years are about to be labeled with paid labels. The person in charge of Hangzhou farmers' market is worried about how to supervise and charge. Will the business be affected by this

on May 1, as a pilot market in Gongshu District, yeqingdou farmers' market announced that it was the first to try out the plastic restriction order, but it only played a role in publicity and did not really change from free to paid. There will be many difficulties in implementing it. I have no idea! The marketing manager shenshuangquan said helplessly

as soon as the person in charge of the farmers' market met, he first asked: are there any good ideas

Shen Shuangquan has become popular since the tentative plastic restriction order was made public. Not only media interviews are coming, but many colleagues from other farmers' markets are also coming to inquire about the effect of the trial. This is what we are most concerned about now. Shenshuangquan said that once the person in charge of the farmers' market meets, the opening must be the plastic bag. Is there a good idea for that

the reason for this concern is that the consumption of plastic bags in the farmers' market is a little large. According to the estimation of the farmers' market, on average, a stall has to send out only plastic bags every day, and the market will use more than 10000 plastic bags in one day. People who buy tofu, meat and fish are used to bagging, and indeed plastic bags are more convenient and hygienic. A farmer's market manager admitted that as an ordinary consumer, he also has a preference for plastic bags

this habit can not be changed in ten days and a half months, but the implementation of the plastic limit order is imminent. The diameter of the spring that has not been issued by relevant departments: 150mm; When Taiwan implemented the measures, the leaders of the farmers' market were very anxious

the shortage of coins caused the problem of change

according to Shen Shuangquan's initial assumption, the operating households would charge customers for providing plastic bags on May 1, but they still didn't do so because they encountered the problem of coins

in the current retail market, the smallest pricing unit is generally the angle. Even if a few cents appear in the settlement, they will be erased. However, at present, the degradable plastic bags sold in the market are only a few cents each. In the middle of April, the financial staff of yeqingdou farmers' market began to go to the bank to exchange currency. As a result, more than 10 banks came down to exchange for 12 yuan. The market found the sub branch presidents of the two banks again. Originally, it was thought that it would be OK for each bank to give us 500 yuan. As a result, the sum of the two banks was only dozens of yuan

if the fee is charged at this price, an operator has proposed that the bilateral scientific and technological cooperation is developing rapidly every week, and he should be given 100 yuan to make change. Ye should also pay attention to the limited quantity compliance of additives and raw material initiators and monomers used in products. There are 160 operating households in qingdou farmers' market. In this way, 16000 yuan is needed a week. Although it can be adjusted mutually, it also needs at least several thousand yuan. The two sub branches promised to raise 1000 yuan for us, but there are more than 200 farmers' markets in the city. How can this be enough

if it is mainly used to measure some small workpieces, for example, when a screwdriver comes to a customer to take out 100 yuan to buy a minimum plastic bag, what should the operator do? Mr. Jin, manager of Gudang farmers' market, raised such a question again

it is a difficult regulatory problem to judge whether it is paid or not.

in addition to the difficulty of dividing money, as a market manager, it is also faced with regulatory difficulties

it is mentioned in the draft that plastic shopping bags shall not be provided to consumers free of charge or in disguised form, and violators will be fined less than 10000 yuan. However, in practice, due to the particularity of bargaining in the farmers' market, it is difficult for managers to judge whether the operators have collected the money from plastic bags

when they go to the farmers' market to buy vegetables, Mrs. Ma is used to bargaining with the operators. Especially, when the final settlement is made, the change is erased, not 1 or 2 points, but 1 or 2 cents. Shenshuangquan said that the operators of high-priced vegetables such as meat and aquatic products are relatively generous, and it is not a problem to erase a few corners. If the original meat is 20.6 yuan and the plastic bag is 0.15 yuan, the two sides have negotiated a total of 20.5 yuan. Is this a violation

if the operators do not provide plastic bags, they will be provided by the market, which will add a lot of trouble to customers. Yurongguang, manager of Xinhua Road farmers' market, met with shenshuangquan the day before yesterday and discussed this method. In the end, he thought it was still not feasible. He might not know what kind of vegetables he would buy in the end and what kind of bags would be appropriate. It was inconvenient to buy bags after weighing vegetables, especially live fish

it is also a difficult problem for mobile vendors to compete for market business

even if the problem of plastic bags for operators in the market is controlled, the heads of several farmers' markets are also worried about a problem. It is difficult to supervise the supply of plastic bags by mobile vendors outside the market. If they give free plastic bags, the business in the market will certainly be affected. Mr. Jin, who manages the Gudang farmers' market, worries that the strict plastic restrictions in the market may instead become an opportunity for mobile vendors to become active

if we start charging first, the business will be affected. When they heard that the market was going to take the lead, the operators shook their heads and the customers would go to other markets to buy vegetables. A business owner did suffer once. Because he was short of plastic bags, a door-to-door business escaped. The customer said how to get bamboo shoots without plastic bags

advocate using reusable large bags to rent environmental protection bags for free

recently, three national standards for plastic shopping bags were officially promulgated and will be implemented from June 1. Most farmers' markets in Hangzhou have used degradable plastic bags, but the thickness has generally not reached the standard of 0.025mm

the cost of plastic bags produced according to the regulations must be higher than that at present. Hangzhou Maoda Environmental Biochemistry Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of degradable plastic bags, is designing and making new bag samples according to the standards, and will solicit opinions on specifications and prices from the farmers' market in a few days

guowenhui, general manager of Maoda, said that it is expected that the cost of bags of the same specification will be doubled. The original cost was less than 0.001 mm. Now the thickness has doubled, and the use of raw materials has increased a lot. To solve the problem of small currency circulation, guowenhui suggested that larger bags should be used for production. Firstly, the price can avoid change in currency. In addition, the utilization rate of large bags is relatively high and can be reused. At present, Maoda also tends to set a price of more than 10 cents, but the specific price should be determined through consultation with the farmers' market and relevant departments

in the final analysis, the plastic restriction order aims to guide citizens to reduce the use of plastic bags, but it is a bit troublesome for office workers to buy vegetables with baskets. The big Guanxi Sanyuan farmers' market is also thinking about how to implement it. Shendonghong, the marketing manager, said that they would reduce the use of plastic bags in the form of renting environmental protection bags and provide convenience to the public. They would charge the cost price as a deposit, and the deposit would be refunded after the public cleaned them

Zhou Guoshi, deputy director of Xiacheng economic, trade and Tourism Bureau, carries a basket to buy vegetables, but the basket still contains vegetables and meat dishes in plastic bags, which still can not reduce the use of plastic bags. At present, the bureau is looking for suitable alternative containers, especially containers for minced meat, fish fillets, bulk tofu and so on. In addition, it plans to exchange old bags for new ones to improve the utilization rate of environmental protection bags. After the environmental protection bag is used, you can exchange it for a new bag in the community and other units

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3 national standards for plastic shopping bags

. From now on, plastic bag manufacturers must strictly implement the new national standard

the mandatory national standard general technical requirements for environmental protection, safety and identification of plastic shopping bags requires that the minimum thickness of plastic shopping bags shall not be less than 0.025mm; The plastic shopping bag shall have an environmental protection statement. In order to protect the environment and save resources, please use it for many times; Plastic shopping bags shall also be provided with warning words and safety instructions. For example, in order to avoid and prevent suffocation and other hazards, please stay away from infants and children. Plastic shopping bags in direct contact with food shall be marked with words for food

the identification of plastic shopping bags needs to specify the name, standard number, specification, nominal load, etc. for example, the name can be divided into plastic shopping bags (ordinary plastic shopping bags), degradable plastic shopping bags, starch based plastic shopping bags (starch content shall not be less than 15%), etc. Among them, the plastic shopping bag shall be marked with eye-catching color, which shall not fade or fall off easily; Printing or spraying can be used, but the performance of plastic shopping bags shall not be damaged; Each plastic shopping bag is generally a logo, which can be added if necessary; The identification shall be located at the obvious place of the plastic shopping bag, and the plastic shopping bag shall also clearly identify the name of the manufacturer and other information

the two recommended national standards "plastic shopping bags" and "rapid detection methods and evaluation of plastic shopping bags" also put forward clear requirements for the senses of plastic shopping bags. For example, plastic shopping bags are generally resin natural color or white, and plastic shopping bags should not have obvious odor, etc

foreign plastic restriction practices

San Francisco, the United States: supermarkets, pharmacies and other retailers are only allowed to provide customers with paper bags, cloth bags or biodegradable plastic bags produced from corn by-products, and chemical plastic bags are strictly prohibited

livlapiz, Canada: all shopping places shall not provide plastic shopping bags to customers, and those who violate the regulations will be fined up to US $989

Ireland: a tax equivalent to 13 cents will be levied on each plastic shopping bag, and all the collected funds will be included in the environmental protection fund for environmental protection projects

Korea: customers need to spend 100 won to buy paper or plastic bags, or they can take old bags to stores or supermarkets for new ones

Bangladesh: those who import or sell plastic bags can be sentenced to up to 10 years' imprisonment, those who distribute plastic bags are sentenced to 6 months' imprisonment, and businessmen are fined up to 2000 US dollars

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