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In the first half of July, the market of plastic raw materials in the northern market was as follows: the ex factory price of PVC in Jinhua Group, Tianjin chemical plant, Qihua group and Qilu Petrochemical Company was 5500 yuan (ton price, the same below), and that in Siping Lianhua Company was 5400-5500 yuan. Compared with the second half of June, Jinhua first fell by 450 yuan and then rose by 450 yuan, Tianjin rose by 400 yuan, and Qihua, Qilu and Siping all rose by 200 yuan. The ex factory price of PVC in Northeast and North China has rebounded rapidly after a short-term consolidation at a low level around 5000 yuan

the ex factory price of LDPE in Daqing Petrochemical Company is 6200 yuan for f18d and m18d, and 6100 yuan for 18a-g and 19-21e; M13d of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company and I Petrochemical Company is 6000 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical Company 112a injection plastic is 5950 yuan, 1f7b film material is 6250 yuan, ic7a coating material is 6400 yuan, LD100 and ld160 film materials are 5850 yuan, and ld605 injection plastic is 5650 yuan; The tn00/tn26 film material of Qilu Petrochemical Company is 6000 yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of June, Lanzhou rose by 50 yuan; Qilu rose 200 yuan; Yanshan 112a increased by 50 yuan, 1f7b by 250 yuan, 1c7a, LD100 and ld160 by 300 yuan, and ld605 by 100 yuan; Daqing has changed for the time being. The price of the low-density polyethylene increased slightly from the lower part because there was no direct contact between the magnet and the sensor

the ex factory price of HDPE in Fushun ethylene company is 6100 yuan for 2908 and 2909, 6150 yuan for 2911 and 2909fs, and 6200 yuan for 2911fs; The 500es of Daqing Petrochemical Company is 6200 yuan, and the j-grade materials and 260 Ding are 6100 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical Company's 5000S wire drawing material is 6250 yuan, 5200b hollow material is 6350 yuan, 2200j injection plastic is 6200 yuan, and 6100m pipe material is 6400 yuan; Lanzhou Petrochemical Company's 5000S is 6300 yuan, Qilu Petrochemical Company's 6098 film material is 6300 yuan, 6145 and 6147 small hollow materials are 6200 yuan, 1158 large and medium hollow materials and 2480 tube materials are 6800 yuan; Both 6070 and 5410 of Xinjiang Dushanzi Petrochemical Company are 6000 yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of June, Fushun rose 250-350 yuan; Lanzhou rose 350 yuan; Dushanzi rose 200 yuan; Yanshan 5000S increased by 250 yuan; Qilu 6098 increased by 100 yuan. The 6145 and 614 Vicat softening point testing machines can be used to measure the thermal deformation temperature and Vicat softening point temperature of various plastics, rubber and other thermoplastic materials. 7 both increased by 200 yuan; Other brands of Yanshan, Qilu and Daqing Petrochemical remain unchanged. The prices of hollow materials, drawing materials and membrane materials of various grades and sizes of high-density polyethylene have increased by varying degrees

the ex factory price of linear low density polyethylene is 5600 yuan for 7042 pellets of ethylene branch of Jilin chemical company, 5600 yuan for 7042-7041 of Daqing Petrochemical Company, 5900 yuan for 103aa of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, 6000 yuan for 0209 of Dushanzi Petrochemical Company of Xinjiang, and 5700 yuan for 7042 of Qilu Petrochemical Company. Compared with the price in the second half of June, Jihua and Qilu rose by 100 yuan, Lanzhou rose by 50 yuan, and Daqing fell by 100 yuan; Dushanzi has not changed, and the overall price has moved up slightly

the ex factory price of polypropylene is 5300 yuan for 5004 and 5400 yuan for 70218, 71735 and 70126 of Liaoyang Chemical Fiber Company; The T30S of Fushun ethylene company is 5900 yuan, and the T38F, Z30S and h30s-z are 6000 yuan; T30S of Daqing Petrochemical Company is 5800 yuan; Yanshan cutting-edge Petrochemical Company to avoid damaging the oil needle: 2401 drawing material is 5600 yuan, S1003 drawing material is 5750 yuan, s2040 fiber material is 6700 yuan, f1002 drawing film is 5600 yuan, and k8303 note is 6550 yuan; Jinzhou Petrochemical Company powder 5800 none; Shijiazhuang Refinery powder 5550-5680 yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of June, Fushun and Liaoning rose by 200 yuan, Daqing by 100 yuan, Lanzhou by 50 yuan, Yanshan S1003 and k8303 by 150 yuan, Qilu T30S and T36F by 200 yuan, Dushanzi T30S by 100 yuan, other brands of Yanshan, Qilu and Dushanzi remained unchanged, and Jinzhou and Shijiazhuang by 400 yuan. Polypropylene prices rebounded across the board

the ex factory price of polystyrene is 6300 yuan for 666d of Yanshan Petrochemical Company; Fushun Petrochemical Company 825 is 6800 yuan, 2717, 166zg and 167zd are 6900 yuan; The 200D of Daqing Petrochemical Company is 6800 yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of June, Yanshan rose by 100 yuan, Fushun and Daqing remained unchanged, and the price rose steadily. The production of Yanshan 666d is normal. Due to the low price, the sales are smooth, the inventory is not high, and the price rises slightly

abs ex factory price, synthetic tree of Jilin chemical company, 9715a of grease factory is 7750 yuan; Daqing Petrochemical Company 750sw and 750 are 7800 yuan, 770-772 are 7700 yuan; Lanzhou Petrochemical Company 301 is 8100 yuan, 301w is 8000 yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of June, the price of Jihua fell by 550 yuan, and the five bright spots of Daqing and Lanzhou remained basically unchanged. ABS prices have been oscillating downward alternately, and the current price level is trying to be stable

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