Tatami decoration case of small house type

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Due to the limited space of small houses, in addition to meeting the basic functions, storage space should also be considered. In this case, it is most appropriate to design a powerful tatami. But how to design small houses? Let's take a look at relevant cases

in the impression of many people, tatami is an image of Japanese decoration. However, according to historical records, Japanese interior decoration originated from Chinese architecture and interior decoration in the Tang Dynasty. Tatami is absolutely beneficial to human health and longevity. Secondly, it has the function of beautifying the body, eliminating fatigue, restoring physical strength, correcting hunchback, and has remarkable effect. These elegant and fresh tatami decoration renderings not only fully expand the storage space, but also effectively enhance the utilization of the space

in order to give full play to the decoration of small tatami, many tatami decoration designs will give full play to its storage function, which can effectively enhance the utilization of space

when living in a small space, the design of tatami will be more comfortable and effectively expand the space. The soft clothes of bedding and lighting echo each other to create a happy scene

the small tatami design with elegant colors adds beauty to the room, which is fresh and natural. It is not only beautiful, but also makes residents feel comfortable

tatami like this is the most popular among the public. After all, small house decoration advocates to minimize the redundant decoration design. The whole terrace is on the side of the living room, which is made into a semi open type, and divided into a small but fully functional study. The narrow terrace space is not crowded through the reasonable layout of the owner. The embedded storage cabinet is a great contributor, which saves a lot of room space while being fully stored

there is another point worth learning from this platform case. The anti-skid treatment of the edge and the safety protection of the edge of the platform. The green plants, stairs or railings placed on the edge of the platform can block the edge and prevent falling. The newly installed pillars in the room not only make people feel fresh visually, but also separate the space well. The space under the tatami is designed as a storage space, so that no space is wasted




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