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Doors and windows join Suifu! Big brand, strong! Choose a good brand and achieve great business opportunities! Suifu door and window is willing to open the door of wealth with you who share the same aspiration

July is the most colorful month of the year, and it is also the time when life is in full bloom. Tagore's famous sentence: life is as gorgeous as summer flowers. Summer flowers, in full bloom at the moment they try to show their beauty, all plant life in the moment of bloom reached the peak, perfect and grand bloom of their hope

this is nothing but a revelation to us: we need to do our best in life and strive for what we desire. Dreams make us different, choices make us change our destiny

the midsummer of July has already started! In July, doors and windows are in the new season, and doors and windows are joining at the right time. Suifu doors and windows invites you to decorate a safe and comfortable home and start a new and extraordinary journey

no style · no life

style, with doors and windows; Doors and windows, Suifu! For a long time, Suifu doors and windows has been committed to providing unique private customization of doors and windows for all people who love life and pursue high-grade life, creating a personalized design style; In pursuit of modern art style, it combines classic characteristic beauty. There is no lack of fashion and nobility in simplicity, and it has both rationality and sensibility. We keep close to customers' home needs, refine the service process, create exquisite products, and make more living spaces unique to the personality charm of residents. Suifu doors and windows attach importance to the quality of life, build a home with ingenuity, create the most beautiful door and window products, and create a household known habitat quality

modern - simple and fashionable

modern decoration style pursues the effect that less is better than more, and simplicity is better than complexity; While pursuing fashion and trend, we pay attention to the perfect combination of the layout and use function of the room space, and advocate to give full play to the maximum use efficiency in the limited space. The simple design makes the overall style simpler, without the feeling of being bound, and makes life more free and comfortable

European style - luxury style

European style advocates romantic luxury, and simple European style is a simplified European decoration style. In this era of advocating simplification, the simple European style follows the classical European style and integrates elements of modern life. Through perfect classic lines and refined details, it brings endless comfort to the family

new Chinese style -- elegant and classical

New Chinese style not only retains the classic elegance and lightness, but also injects simple and practical modern design, making home decoration both beautiful and meaningful. The style emphasizes to condense the complex decoration into a more subtle and elegant style, and match the hard and straight lines with gentle and elegant soft decoration, so that the classical beauty penetrates the years and shows every bit of life

American style - free and practical

American decoration style is "uninhibited, nostalgic and emotional". Style emphasizes freedom and does not like being restrained; The characteristics of decoration emphasize simple and clear lines and elegant and appropriate decoration, and pay attention to practicality, quality and details. American style with its rich line changes shows a gorgeous, rich, romantic simple atmosphere, so that home life maintains a different style and taste

preset your favorite home style, then the next step is the "opening" of doors and windows. Doors and windows are like the main line of "style", connecting various elements of life and deducing vivid home stories. The quality of doors and windows is related to the appearance of the overall home style, so doors and windows should not only be selected correctly, but also be selected well

Suifu doors and windows

high end customization · assured doors and windows

1. Quality assurance: Suifu doors and windows are made of original building standard aluminum alloy profiles, which have stable alloy composition: stronger oxidation resistance and longer service life. Suifu has done a good job in every door and window with the spirit of craftsmanship. It has sound insulation, heat insulation, wind and water resistance, compression and theft prevention, energy conservation and durability, complete performance and quality assurance, so as to meet the comfortable experience of every family

2. Sealing and consumption reduction: Suifu doors and windows are equipped with scientific and reasonable sealing profiles, and the rubber strip system is durable and stable, with strong aging resistance; Seamless sealing and lap joint and layer by layer guarantee greatly improve the heat insulation performance of the house, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning and heating equipment, and save power and worry

3. Weather resistance and durability: Suifu door and window aluminum profiles have excellent surface treatment technology, excellent weather resistance, long-term resistance to sunlight and rain erosion, and lasting color fastness; Doors and windows have been opened and closed for 100000 times, and the test is still quiet, smooth, reliable and durable

4. Quiet and reasonable: Suifu broken bridge window (casement window/sliding window) series strictly selects high-quality aluminum alloy door and window profiles and European standard sealant strip materials: the multi cavity structure inside the profile combined with sponge and other polymer filling materials can effectively block heat and sound; The insulating glass partition is filled with argon, the window type multi-channel sealing structure design, and the heavenly clothes have no "seams", so as to create a household door and window system with more outstanding sound insulation performance for you

it is another year of exhibition

the ears are full of color, and the midsummer is full of happiness! The hot July symbolizes our enthusiasm. In this scorching day, we send you this sincere letter, inviting you to visit the headquarters of Suifu doors and windows to learn about our latest products and policies. I hope this trip can shorten the distance between us, understand each other and win-win future. Because of care, so heart! We will also adhere to excellent products and services, customize distinctive quality doors and windows for you, and escort the development path of your doors and windows. Finally, I wish you a happy family and all the best! Welcome home in July of midsummer

exhibition activity cycle: 7/08 - 7/20

"from front to back" join in support to enjoy constantly

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Suifu doors and windows also prepared a

mysterious surprise "Hao" gift for you to take

friends who want to join in, seize the time to sign up

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