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Decoration is divided into home decoration, public decoration and store decoration according to the different audience groups. Home decoration refers to home decoration, public decoration generally refers to offices, public buildings, etc., and store decoration value is the decoration of various storefronts and stores. Now is the off-season for home decoration, but the store decoration has not decreased. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network analyzed with you how much is the 30 square meter facade decoration budget

store decoration has different requirements for decoration materials and display according to different industries, and the price of store decoration in different industries varies greatly. For example, the decoration price of a store selling high-end cars in a busy business district is many times higher than that of a noodle shop in an alley. Today, let's take a 30 square meter store as an example

about 30000-40000, there will definitely not be only one display cabinet in the middle of your store, which is too wasteful of space ~ then you have to do anything about the image wall of the cashier, and the door ~ the price is basically around this price, if the local consumption is low, more than 20000 will be OK, depending on your specific requirements

the key depends on how you decorate and what you do with it. Twenty or thirty thousand yuan cheaper can be decorated, and twenty or thirty thousand yuan more is about the same. The key depends on your use

it mainly depends on how much decoration budget you have. Generally, the decoration company will design and construct according to your budget. The decoration cost varies from place to place. It is recommended that you consult the local decoration company or decoration team first. If you are a small store like you, it is better to find a decoration team to install it cost effectively

there are differences in material prices and labor costs in each region, so it's better to find a local decoration company and give you a specific quotation

I can tell you the market price in Beijing:

gypsum board ceiling 160 yuan/square meter

partition wall (light steel keel) 155 yuan/square meter

composite floor 80 yuan/square meter

wall brushing (including paint and leveling) 43 yuan/square meter

double glass doors need to be customized. (related reading: how much is a 110 square meter half package decoration in Wuhan)





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