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You may neglect your family because of your busy work, and you may neglect your health in order to make more money! You may be away for a long time, but your home is always there! With the advent of the scorching heat in July, when you are working hard alone in the scorching sun, your home has become your best rest harbor, and your family is your most precious spiritual pillar. Therefore, for the health of your family, you should build a healthy and open kitchen for your family

Hui, Hui, Hui, the most affordable nationwide rush to buy. The storm is cold in midsummer! Recently, there is crazy good news from Kuba appliance, the advocate of integrated modular kitchen. From July 30 to August 15, Kuba appliance headquarters will cooperate with 100 Kuba appliance stores to carry out the "good action witness good brand - July national torch benefit activity" nationwide

at that time, gifts will be given when you enter the store, old kitchen electricity will be used as money, and you will enjoy more discounts when you buy a set meal! According to zhaohanbin, marketing director of Kuba electric appliance, due to the large number of domestic kitchen appliance brands, the quality of many products is uneven, and the after-sales service is not guaranteed at all; Most household kitchen electrical products even exceed their service life, and they don't give up when they are treated as waste products. In response to this situation, Kuba electric appliance launched this preferential discount activity of replacing the old with the new. Customers' old kitchen appliances can be depreciated and bought brand-new Kuba kitchen appliances in Kuba electric appliance store! (see the activity posters of Kuba specialty stores everywhere for details)

it is reported that as the advocate of integrated modular kitchen, Kuba appliance has always adhered to the product line of "high quality, high efficiency and fashion", and designed simple and elegant kitchen appliances with excellent quality in the spirit of "innovation will never change", which perfectly solves the eight problems existing in traditional kitchens and becomes the first choice for family healthy kitchens, In recent years, it has become a dark horse in the domestic kitchen appliance market and has been rated as the most popular kitchen appliance brand among consumers. In this July national torch benefit activity, Kuba electric appliances will bring real benefits to consumers with practical actions. At that time, it will once again set off a rush buying wave of Kuba electric appliances across the country

this summer, take your lover and go to Kuba electric appliance store to take the healthy kitchen home


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