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Every woman feels that there is a piece of clothes missing in the wardrobe, and every goddess feels that there is a space missing in the wardrobe. After buying the double 11, I think the wardrobe space is not enough, right? To this end, Yifan's whole house custom-made Xiaobian has sorted out five anti heaven capacity expansion techniques for everyone

the first trick of customized Wardrobe Storage and expansion: vacuum storage bag slimming

the most space occupied in the wardrobe are quilts, pillows, toys, down jackets. If these clothes can be flattened, the space of the wardrobe will instantly become much larger. To make them slim, we need vacuum storage bags

the effect is very obvious before and after compression. Clothes packed in bags can not only save space, but also prevent moisture and dust. There are bags of various sizes to choose from, meeting various storage needs

customized Wardrobe Storage and expansion

customized Wardrobe Storage and expansion second trick: simple partition expansion

there are many wardrobe spaces that are wasted because the distance between the upper and lower partitions is too high. To make use of this part of space, we need to add a telescopic partition in the middle

a telescopic partition is placed in the wardrobe, so clothes can be classified and placed. It will be more convenient to take things, and it will look more beautiful and tidy. This kind of telescopic partition is hollow, with strong permeability and super high appearance value

customized Wardrobe Storage and expansion

customized Wardrobe Storage and expansion third trick: skillfully use multi-functional hangers

there are as many hangers as there are clothes in the wardrobe. In fact, hangers also occupy a lot of space in the wardrobe. To reduce the number of hangers, we need to use multifunctional hangers

this clothes hanger can hang 8 clothes and can also be folded. It is known as a magic clothes hanger, which can help reduce the space of 7 clothes hangers in the wardrobe. Environmentally friendly PP material, strong load-bearing and space saving, as well as wind proof and anti slip design, is also very good for drying clothes

the rings used when installing curtains can also upgrade the function of an ordinary clothes hanger. With these rings, no matter how many scarves and scarves are, they can all be hung up, which takes up no space and is convenient to take

or use a circular hanger to hang more clothes

customized wardrobe storage expansion

customized wardrobe storage expansion fourth trick: multi-layer storage at a glance

in fact, we all know that folding clothes for storage is the most space-saving. But it's inconvenient to fold up and take things, and it looks messy, so we can use the drawer storage box

this kind of storage box can be stacked in multiple layers. The whole wardrobe can be filled. The box is like a drawer and can be pulled out. The front is transparent, so it's convenient to find clothes. Environmentally friendly PP material, non-toxic and odorless, the appearance is also very beautiful and fashionable, and the clothes will look very tidy when placed inside

customized Wardrobe Storage and expansion

customized Wardrobe Storage and expansion fifth trick: yogurt bottle storage socks

yogurt boxes are spliced together with glue, and can become a group of storage boxes to store socks, as well as various trinkets, sewing bags, etc

with this, why do you spend money on a clothes storage box? Put it in the wardrobe drawer for socks. There is exactly one pair in each box, and from then on, mother will no longer need to help her find socks ~ ~

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