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On September 10, 2018, mesa College of doors and windows held a 4-day new business training meeting to create a new business "all excellent marketing center" model

"chick Eagle" plan - 2018 mesa new business training meeting

on September 10, 2018, mesa doors and windows College held a 4-day new business training meeting in order to create a new business "all excellent marketing center" model. New businesses from all over the country gathered here, "come with dreams and move forward with dreams" - the training kicked off

September 11, 2018

the mesa people across the country come from different cities, have never met, and are strangers to each other

team development - let everyone liberate themselves and integrate into the team, team cooperation makes each other trust, and empathy makes each other better understand

course learning - in this training, students will receive all-round training from product knowledge to sales skills, quickly improve the overall professionalism of the new business team, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of Quanyou marketing center

"theory + practice" -- visit the factory and make field measurements, combine the learned theoretical knowledge with practical operation, apply what you have learned, and integrate it

beauty tutors teach one-on-one, answer every student's doubts in detail, from drawing to quotation, and strive to be mastered by everyone

"the plan of the day is in the morning". Only after going through wind and rain can we thrive. The morning meeting drill can not only improve morale, but also create a good self-image and show the unique temperament of mesa people

assessment and customs clearance - thorough test after training, written test + situational drill, Regard "practice" as "actual combat" ", study hard, go all out, and only provide customers with the most professional 360 ° gold medal service in the terminal store in the future;

graduation ceremony - the 4-day training ended successfully. After 4 days of hard study, there are sweat, laughter, pay and harvest. The building of the preliminary model of Quanyou marketing center, students will carry what they have learned, set out their own journey, land the terminal, apply what they have learned, and create brilliance!

2018 mesa aluminum doors and windows new business training The list of outstanding personnel of the training meeting

first place: Yibin Xiao Qiao

second place: Mianzhu Chen Fangbing

third place: Danyang Wu Zhihao

fourth place: Meishan Gong Jianhong

fifth place: Dujiangyan anlei

sixth place: Handan Chen Shunke

seventh place: Xindu Liu Ke

eighth place: Jiujiang yuqianbao

seventh place ninth place: Dujiangyan Anyang East

tenth place: Dazhou Qu dimin

eleventh place: Yibin Peng Lina

today, take advantage of it; Tomorrow, strive for

Yes, persevere; Wrong, willing to give up

difficult, meet the difficulties; Frustration, optimism, face

victory, and make persistent efforts

wish: every mesa family work smoothly





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