Selection standard of drainage accessories

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Selection standard of drainage accessories

many drainage pipes in the market are made of PVC material without self sealing. Although they are cheap, they have short service life and need to be replaced after a period of use. And there are often burrs in the middle of the drainage pipe, which entangle the garbage, which must be cleaned regularly, causing a lot of trouble. Excellent sewer pipes should be non scaling, corrosion resistant, high density, and able to withstand the temperature of hot water. It is made of PP material with self sealing and weak elasticity, and the inner wall has high finish and no burr, so the garbage can not be attached to the pipe wall

drainage fittings matched with excellent drainage pipes should also use drainage devices with good sealing and stable and solid materials. It can be filtered multiple times to prevent the water pipe from blocking, and also to a greater extent to avoid the large volume of garbage flowing into the sewer pipe

among the drainage accessories of Gaode, the drainage device is made of stainless steel with the same material as the sink, while the drainage pipe is made of PP material with self sealing and weak elasticity, and the temperature bearing is up to 95 ℃, serving the kitchen with the same service life as the sink. The adjustable water outlet can be used for movable installation and transfer. It can be matched with the rear water outlet to more effectively increase the use area of the cabinet. A full set of kitchen equipment can be placed according to customer requirements, including garbage classifier, water purifier, garbage processor, and also connected to the outlet of the dishwasher




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