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It has been a week since the Double Ninth Festival, but Oushennuo's Double Ninth Festival brand activity has just ended

pay tribute to traditional culture and make the voice of brand

the Double Ninth Festival has passed for a week, but Oushennuo's Double Ninth Festival brand activity has just ended

as one of the traditional Chinese festivals, the Double Ninth Festival has obviously not received much attention at present. However, in the view of Foshan Oushennuo Ceramics Co., Ltd., the traditional classical culture of the Chinese nation has always been one of their important sources of inspiration and creativity. Therefore, through the Double Ninth Festival, we pay tribute to the tradition and make different voices of the brand, which is the special impression that Oushennuo ceramics left on the masses during this year's Double Ninth Festival

as early as October 8, Oushennuo ceramics took advantage of the situation to launch "don't pretend, dry this cup of chrysanthemum wine!" Theme series of activities, in a special way, attract people of different ages to pay attention to traditional culture, help public welfare, and enjoy the beauty of the festival. After the launch of the event, the majority of consumers participated, which was interesting, warm and creative

the creative poster of the Double Ninth Festival of Oushennuo ceramics

the story is exchanged with good wine, and the creativity is popular.

the theme of respecting the elderly is always the same during the Double Ninth Festival, but the traditional communication strategy seems to have been unable to mobilize everyone's enthusiasm for participation. If you want to attract the attention of young people, you need to keep pace with the times and do it in a way that young people like

osheno has obviously accumulated rich experience in this regard. With 18 years of ceramic manufacturing experience, osheno always adheres to originality, always adheres to the forefront of the industry, and constantly innovates its marketing forms

this time, ou Shennuo put forward the interesting theme of "don't pretend, dry this cup of chrysanthemum wine", which successfully hit the hearts of young people. During the event, ou Shennuo launched "don't pretend, dry this cup of chrysanthemum wine" on wechat and Weibo platforms Activities, invite netizens to share their elders or touching or shocking "lying" experience, full of warmth. At the same time, participants were also prepared with a good gift for the festival - chrysanthemum wine to strengthen their health and longevity

after the launch of the event, ou Shennuo received stories from nearly 100 netizens, many of whom revealed how their elders used to "pretend". In fact, behind these "pretends" is the warmth between family members. Netizens repose their gratitude and thoughts for their elders, the memory of once innocent childhood, and even the vision of a better family life in these stories. This is one of the purposes of the event

care for the elderly and run for the public welfare

osheno ceramics never forgets to give back to the society and actively assume social responsibilities in the process of enterprise development. It is reported that Oushennuo ceramics will invest in public welfare undertakings with practical actions every year

during the Double Ninth Festival, ou Shennuo also launched a public welfare donation activity of "forwarding for the elderly" on the Weibo platform. Every time netizens forward the activity Weibo, it is equivalent to donating 1 yuan. This move has also received a positive response from the majority of netizens

finally, Oushennuo ceramics handed all the money raised to Tianjin Hetong elderly public welfare foundation to help the poor elderly in Hetong elderly home

Oushennuo ceramics gathered the love of netizens and was praised for helping the public welfare.

this public welfare activity made a new attempt in the form of fund-raising. Oushennuo ceramics made full use of the communication characteristics and effects of the current new media, let the whole people participate, and gathered the love of netizens all over the country. At the same time, Oushennuo ceramics frequently interacted with netizens during and after the event to explore new forms of public welfare. In the future, ou Shennuo will continue to actively participate in public welfare undertakings and run for public welfare undertakings

strong brand strength, committed to a better life

osheno ceramics, focusing on ceramic manufacturing for 18 years, inheriting traditional classics, constantly innovating, and repeatedly promoting high-quality ceramics

in September this year, Oushennuo ceramics launched a new high-end series of products - Oushennuo 45 ° ultra white, karakata marble texture glazed tiles. The performance of tiles has been comprehensively upgraded, becoming a new standard for high-end tiles

the high-end series of ceramic tiles launched by Oushennuo ceramics - 45 ° ultra white

the leading products rely on technological breakthroughs that are difficult to surpass. In the past 30 years, five of the seven technological breakthroughs in the construction ceramics industry were born in Oushennuo

from ceramics to the overall solution of home space, Oushennuo ceramics is committed to building a warm and comfortable ideal home, and to becoming the most respected enterprise and the most valuable brand

in this Double Ninth Festival, Oushennuo maintained the tradition of festival brand voice. The festival pays tribute to Chinese traditional culture, and the event conveys ou Shennuo's mission of "beautifying the living environment and advocating fashionable life"





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