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Free plastic bags still exist in January after the "plastic restriction order" was issued.

China officially implemented the plastic restriction order, implemented the paid use system of plastic shopping bags nationwide, and prohibited the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025mm. At the same time, relevant departments may impose a fine of up to 10000 yuan on acts such as failing to indicate the price of plastic shopping bags in commodity retail places, and providing free or disguised free plastic shopping bags to consumers. The regulations have been implemented and operated for one month. After 10 minutes of operation, I visited relevant shopping malls and citizens and found that the situation is not optimistic

some shopping malls still provide plastic bags free of charge

it was found in a large shopping mall on Kaizhou avenue that in front of the cashier, as usual, the staff quickly took out large and small bags from the counter, packed the commodities purchased by people with little market significance with different plastic bags and handed them to consumers. The shopping bag is still marked with the name of the shopping mall

do you charge for these plastic bags? The staff shook their heads and said that the reasons for this kind of fault and the troubleshooting methods: (1) the hardness tester was not installed horizontally. She told that in order to provide convenience to customers, this cost was borne by the shopping mall. Besides, the customers are not satisfied with the charge of plastic bags. The business of shopping malls is not easy to do

this shopping mall is better. In the new century, people should take their pockets when shopping. Otherwise, they will have to give a few cents in a bag, which is not worth it. A 50-year-old aunt came out of the new century department store carrying large and small bags of goods. Ask aunt with a smile. Do you know the relevant national regulations? The aunt turned her mouth away and said, "I've heard of it, but it's not convenient!"

the farmers' market still provides free plastic bags

it is found in the Jinkai farmers' market that almost all farmers, whether they are businessmen or vegetable sellers, provide plastic bags to citizens as always

a farmer selling rattan vegetables was stuffing vegetables into the bag. Because the bag was too small and there were too many vegetables, the old man tried to load it to save a bag

in front of the stalls selling tofu, dried bean curd, etc., the vendors packed them one by one in thin white bags. Everything was the same as before

we don't provide bags, so people can carry them away. Besides, people can't take bowls of cooked food from home. The middle-aged woman selling pickles said disapprovingly

a farmer selling small vegetables told him that he would prefer not to provide bags to the public so as not to pay more. However, other vegetable sellers provide packaging bags. If he does not provide them, it is difficult to sell vegetables

ask a chef who sells steamed bread. Do you know the plastic restriction order? The middle-aged man nodded and said: however, if we do not provide bags, other consumers will not be able to screw them away. So we still do business

it is found in the farmers' market that most businessmen have this idea, and they still provide customers with plastic bags

the plastic bag wholesaler delivered the goods early in the morning and late in the evening.

asked a boss who did miscellaneous business about the source of plastic bags. The boss smiled and said that his family bought these bags before the plastic restriction. Now his family still has a large bag full. It is estimated that it will not be a problem in two years. The boss seems to be very proud of his intelligence. He said that the prices of these bags have increased a lot now

the plastic bags we use are all sent by someone. A middle-aged cake maker told me that some businessmen who wholesale plastic bags still deliver goods to them regularly, but they are not as blatant as before. They usually deliver them early in the morning and late in the evening

a self-employed fruit seller said that he used a lot of plastic bags every day. Without the bags, he had to do a lot less business. Customers are expected to bring bags with them. They seldom come here, and most of them come empty handed. He told me that almost all businesses in this street have people who specialize in wholesaling plastic bags. If the delivery time is long, it will oxidize. But at present, the price of plastic bags is much more expensive than before, and vendors are more economical than before

how long will it take to say goodbye to plastic bags

since the state expressly stipulates that even though it is difficult to implement it at present, we should not let it go, and we should increase the intensity of inspection and punishment. A citizen said that at least the major shopping malls should take active action and cooperate to act according to the regulations. As long as shopping malls adhere to the paid use system of plastic bags, they can still encourage many citizens to consciously use environmentally friendly bags. He told us that in the new century mall, we can often see many citizens shopping with cloth bags. As long as the habit is formed slowly, the day of saying goodbye to plastic bags will be closer and closer

in view of the current situation of using plastic bags in farmers' markets, the staff of the Environmental Protection Bureau said that it is difficult to implement, mainly because there is no better, more convenient and more environmentally friendly substitute for the public He said, for example, some aquatic products or some commodities with water and oil that cannot be packaged in cloth bags, if there is no other biodegradable packaging bag that can replace plastic bags, even if people support the plastic restriction order, they will have to use plastic bags

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