Cisco plans to sell STB manufacturing business

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It is said that Cisco plans to sell its set-top box manufacturing business on the evening of July 11, Beijing time. According to sources, Cisco is planning to sell its set-top box manufacturing plant in Mexico, which should be replaced in Juarez at this time. Cisco previously announced that it plans to cut the cost of this technology in this fiscal year, which has slowed down the energy, resources and environmental problems faced by the high molecular material processing industry by 1billion dollars

Cisco currently hopes to outsource the manufacturing business of set-top boxes to better control costs. Although relevant Cisco employees asked Cisco to keep the Department, Cisco still plans to sell the Department because the department failed to achieve its goals in terms of product cost and profit margin

it is generally believed that Cisco's set-top box Department has problems in fixed costs. Cisco may think that outsourcing the set-top box manufacturing business can make the related costs more flexible. Cisco has adopted this approach in the production of routers and other devices

it is not clear which companies are interested in acquiring Cisco's business. Cisco also declined to comment. In February this year, Cisco has sold fibercore, a British specialty optical fiber manufacturer, to h.i.g capital Europe. Sina Technology

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