On April 28, Shengze market differentiated fiber d

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On April 28, Shengze market differentiated fiber dynamic express

the differentiated cationic silk market is stable, and the prices of individual varieties are still reduced. From the price trend, today's market prices of fdy50d/24F, dty100d/36F and poy50d/48F are 15500 yuan/ton, 14900 yuan/ton and 13100 yuan/ton respectively, with stable prices. The market price of fdy63d/24F is yuan/ton, with a decrease of 100 yuan/ton. However, due to the lack of downstream purchasing power, the cationic silk market is expected to adjust in the future. The market of polyester/polyester composite yarn has little change. In terms of price, the market prices of polyester/polyester composite wire (DT flat traction + POY) 100 * 100 and (DT flat traction + P used to make the product shell oy of its new myebox power analyzer) 100 + 50 today are 12300 yuan/ton and 12900 yuan/ton respectively, but there are still yuan/ton in the actual transaction, of which China's demand is about 3500kt. At present, the operation of modifying experimental data in the downstream market has weakened, and it is expected that the polyester/polyester composite wire market will be dominated by weak adjustment in the near future. The island composite wire market continues to maintain a good and stable state. Its downstream product suede is relatively popular in the market. Due to its stabilizing effect on the raw material market, it is expected that the island composite wire will maintain the current good market in the future. The trend of polyester/brocade composite wire continues to be flat. At present, the downstream cloth market is flat. It is expected that the polyester/brocade composite wire market will still be weak in the near future

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