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On February 18, local time, the affordable solar energy alliance (afase), the EU Photovoltaic Industry Association, stressed to the EU that the dual anti-dumping case against China would also hit the EU photovoltaic industry, which pushed the strong camp differences of European photovoltaic enterprises on the anti-dumping investigation against China to the front

afase appealed to the European Commission that if the EU imposes punitive tariffs on Chinese photovoltaic products, it will have a great impact on Europe's own photovoltaic enterprises, including heavy job losses, reducing industry added value, promoting 5g R & D and industrialization, affecting the export of rare materials and photovoltaic equipment, and damaging engineering and service businesses in the industrial chain

afase's position has played a challenge with EU PROSUN, another major photovoltaic industry association in Europe. At the beginning of September last year, the European Union decided to launch an anti-dumping investigation on photovoltaic products to China, and made a complaint about the experimental force originated from EU PROSUN: (0.098, 0.246, 0.49, 0.98, 1.96, 2.94, 4.90, 9.80); As a pioneer in advocating anti-dumping against China, Solarworld, a German photovoltaic enterprise, is a member of this association

on the same day, the European Commission held a closed door hearing for leading European photovoltaic enterprises to hear complaints from stakeholders on anti-dumping of photovoltaic products to China. Afase submitted the investigation report of independent consulting agency prognos to the European Commission. The report investigated and concluded under three scenarios of 20%, 35% and 60% tax on photovoltaic products in China

Thorsten preugschas, CEO of soventix in Germany, a member enterprise of afase, said at the meeting on the 19th: "our competitiveness (European photovoltaic enterprises) has fallen to the bottom, and we don't want to bear any political pressure anymore."

in Brussels, afase is obviously going to fight a hard battle with EU PROSUN. In response to a question from this newspaper, tosten directly said that a survey result of EU PROSUN was "bullshit"

affordable solar energy alliance (afase) is an industry association composed of more than 160 European photovoltaic enterprises, providing more than 27000 jobs in the EU. Afase said it was opposed to trade protectionism

the EU launched an anti-dumping investigation on photovoltaic products to China last year and has not yet made a final determination. European photovoltaic enterprises are also increasingly lobbying in Brussels, the power center of the EU

afase supported survey report said that if the tariff of 20% on photovoltaic products disconnected from the power line is levied on China, the EU will lose 115600 jobs in the leading year after the implementation of this punitive measure, and the total loss of jobs in the third year will expand to 175500; And caused 4.74 billion euros and 18 billion euros of industrial added value losses in the leading year and the first three years respectively. If the punitive tariff is raised to 60%, the impact on employment will be even worse

The report also shows that although imposing punitive tariffs will indeed create a certain number of new jobs in the EU, it is far from enough to balance the lost jobs. If punitive tariffs are imposed in 2013, the result under three different tariff scenarios is that there are no new jobs; 15000 new ones and 214700 lost at the same time; 41000 new ones and 234800 lost at the same time

in addition, under the scenario of 35% punitive tariff, European photovoltaic enterprises will lose half of their market orders

as a downstream enterprise in the photovoltaic industry chain, soventix is suffering the most severe industry situation with its similar enterprises. Punitive tariffs will bring disaster to downstream enterprises

Torsten of soventix said that the downstream battery and module enterprises in Europe accounted for% of the industry jobs, and many enterprises have seen significant layoffs in the past 15 months. Tosten added that the association has only one requirement for the European Commission, which is to completely oppose any trade protectionist measures for photovoltaic products from China. "We don't need anything except an open market". Zhonghua glass () Department

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