The hottest EU plans to impose high tariffs on Chi

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The European Union plans to impose high tariffs on China or snipe at domestic paint export demand

the European Union plans to impose high tariffs on China or snipe at domestic paint export demand

August 16, 2011

[China paint information] on August 11, 2011, the Ministry of Commerce Station released an early warning message from the Italian business office of the Ministry of Commerce. The warning quoted reports from European local media that the EU was preparing to fight against cheap goods from China through high tariffs. Looking through the data over the years, zhuochuang information found that the number of coatings exported from China to the European Union is very small, which is related to the strict environmental protection standards for coatings in Europe and the scarcity of coatings that can meet the standards in China. Domestic paint exports are mainly concentrated in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Therefore, from the perspective of exports alone, Chinese coatings have not entered the local market, which should not be among their competitors

in fact, since the development needs of enterprises and the long-term appreciation of the RMB, the export competitiveness of domestic coatings has decreased significantly. On the contrary, foreign high-end coatings have entered the Chinese market. While stimulating the high-end research and development of domestic coatings, it has accelerated the elimination of backward production capacity of domestic coatings. Environmental friendly coatings are becoming more and more popular, which has actually accelerated the healthy development of the domestic coating industry. As of 2010, the total production and sales of coatings in Europe accounted for about 21% of the total volume introduced by the world's three wells, especially high-end coatings. In the high-end field, the coating industry is still in the development stage of net import. If the EU imposes punitive tariffs on China to crack down on China's exports this round, it may usher in a new round of trade war. In order to protect the domestic industry, China has issued and required that the comfort of the whole chair should not be lower than the current state exhibition. It does not rule out imposing sanctions on "products produced in the EU" in the later stage. Then the orders of coating enterprises in the euro zone exported to China tend to shrink in the later stage. They are worried that they will put their products in China's main export destination countries, Intensify the competition in the international coating industry

perhaps, this warning message will not become a reality, maybe it is just a tentative move of the European Union, but for coating enterprises, it is not a bad thing to plan ahead in decision-making. The euro debt continues, and there is no lack of room for the euro to continue to depreciate in the later period, so euro zone products will enjoy disguised subsidies. Although domestic coatings occupy the middle and low-end market internationally, when the high-end coatings in the European Union are depreciated or for other reasons, A substantial increase in cost performance will also snipe at the domestic paint export market demand

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