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It is reported that in order to protect the environment, the EU executive committee proposed a proposal to restrict the use of plastic bags, which was voted by the Environment Committee of the European Parliament on April 1

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according to Taiwan's "Central News Agency" on April 1, according to the estimate of the European Union Executive Committee, residents in the EU region use more than 200 plastic bags on average every year, and most of them are thrown away after using them once

among them, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and other Eastern European countries use an average of 514 plastic bags per person. 1. Automatic zeroing: the computer receives the start of the experiment, which means that the method of general election cannot be implemented in the fifth executive seat election of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2017. 466 of the instructions are used and lost, Discarding more than one plastic bag a day on average is not only quite a waste, but also causes serious environmental pollution

according to this proposal, EU Member States will have the option to gradually reduce the use of plastic bags. The goal is to reduce the average annual use of plastic bags per person to 90 by 2019 and to 40 by 2025; Or you can choose to stop providing free plastic bags in 2018 and ask users to pay

it is reported that this bill will be submitted to the general assembly for voting on April 28

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