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EU packaging requirements are raised, and the printing business revenue of the New York Times will decline by 5%

many products involved in the eco label standards formulated and published by the EU in the past two years are the main products exported by Chinese enterprises to the EU market, such as shoes and wooden furniture

in August, 2009, the European Commission formulated and published the new ecological standard of ecological labels for footwear (2009/563/ec) to limit the levels of toxic residues and volatile organic compounds. It is reported that the European Union has previously formulated standards on Ecological labels for footwear. This time, based on the review of the original ecological standards for footwear, it decided to modify the definition of product group and establish a new ecological label standard at the same time. New standard rdquo; Linboqiang, Dean of the China Energy Policy Research Institute at Xiamen University, said to: "ldquo; The threshold can be set according to environmental protection, energy efficiency, safety and other standards. The footwear product group includes all clothes designed to protect or cover the feet, with a fixed sole in contact with the ground, and the footwear products must not contain any electrical or electronic components. For shoes made of leather, the printing function provider that can realize the experimental results must ensure that there is no chromium VI, and provide the test report that passes the iso17075 test method (determine the 3-part ppm limit). In addition, raw materials for footwear production must be free of arsenic, cadmium and lead, and corresponding tests are also required. Textile accessories for shoes shall not contain formaldehyde. The content of leather ingredients (tanned leather and animal skin) cannot exceed 150ppm, and the new standard also stipulates the limit of water consumption. In terms of harmful substances, pentachlorophenol and tetrachlorophenol are not allowed to be used, and azo dyes are not allowed to be used. N-nitrosamine content cannot be found in rubber. Our company will soon show you the new types of these models, and the standards also put forward requirements for packaging. If cartons are used for packaging, they must be 100% recycled materials; If plastic bags are used for packaging, they must be at least 75% of recyclable materials in China's plastic machinery market, or biodegradable materials

at the end of 2009, the European Commission approved and published the European Union ecological label standard for wood furniture (2009/894/ec), in order to reduce the adverse impact of wood furniture on the environment and human health during use. The main contents of the standard include the implementation purpose and certification requirements, exemption scope, product description specifications, hazardous substance management, sources of wood and wood materials and limit requirements for harmful substances, standards for surface treatment of wood furniture products, limit standards for adhesives and VOC content in composite furniture, and packaging and labeling requirements for final products. The restricted substances and materials include nitrogen propylene ring, polynitrogen propylene ring, pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde, flame retardants, organotin compounds, heavy metal content and fungicides, and stipulate strict standards for wood sources. The standard also stipulates that wood furniture must be solid wood furniture or wood materials with a weight ratio of at least 90%. Glass (if easy to replace), technical equipment and devices can be excluded from the weight calculation. The weight of any single material (except solid wood and wood materials) shall not exceed 3% of the total weight of the product, and the combined total weight of such materials shall not exceed 10% of the total weight of the product

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