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The EU plans to build an Energy Union to get rid of its dependence on Russian natural gas

EU Observer reported on Friday (March 20) that EU leaders had reached an agreement on reducing their dependence on Russian natural gas late on Thursday and suggested a so-called Energy Union

there is no noise at all. According to the contents of the summit on that day, the leaders of the participating countries agreed to "accelerate the construction of infrastructure projects, including the interconnection of EU countries, especially the surrounding areas, and ensure energy security and the good operation of the internal energy market with the supply of electricity and natural gas." Leaders also said that there would be "full implementation and active enforcement of existing energy laws and regulations"

EU leaders also called for "ensuring that all agreements to purchase natural gas from external suppliers fully comply with EU regulations, especially strengthening the transparency of such agreements and their compatibility with EU energy security regulations"

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, said at the press conference, "all national leaders agree to strengthen the transparency of the natural gas market and prevent suppliers from abusing their market position to undermine EU regulations and reduce our energy security." However, when referring to the commercial natural gas supply contract, the agreement also emphasizes that "the confidentiality of commercially sensitive information needs to be guaranteed"

Donald Tusk said that the debate on transparency before the signing of the natural gas contract may be "the most controversial and interesting part of our discussion". He added, "I think after today's decision, when it comes to energy security, all Member States will be ready to coordinate their operations and cooperate with EU institutions and the European Commission to ensure that natural gas contracts are safe for Europe and comply with EU laws."

Donald Tusk also stressed, "this will not be a dead letter, which you can rest assured."

the communique of the summit, which was originally as low as 0.01Hz, also said that EU countries are "committed to building an energy union". This is also an idea put forward by Donald Tusk when he was still the Prime Minister of Poland

according to Donald Tusk's initial description, such an Energy Union will be "the only EU entity to buy natural gas", and it will also bear the responsibility of "fighting against Russia's monopoly"

however, EU leaders only agreed to "evaluate the possible options of such a voluntary demand integration mechanism on the premise of fully complying with the WTO and EU Competition Regulations"

a person familiar with the matter said that compared with the previously determined draft, the communique text had some modifications at the last moment, adding a paragraph calling for the development of "energy and climate related technologies and innovation strategies". This part cites "the next generation of renewable energy, power storage and these new materials may change everyone's life in the near future. The capture and storage of carbon emissions, and the improvement of energy efficiency in 50 + excellent booth areas such as housing and sustainable transportation" as an example

other amendments also include emphasizing that neighboring countries should cooperate together

At the same time, the leaders of the participating countries also reiterated that "the power of Member States to decide their own energy composition should be respected" and "the sovereign power of Member States to explore and develop their own natural resources should be protected"

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