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The EU R & D team has launched more environmentally friendly and safe flame retardant technology

it is said that natural and man-made disasters are unpredictable, but if the building or furniture materials around us have flame retardant characteristics, we will have more time to escape. At present, we are actively researching and developing fire extinguishing flame retardant technology that represents the mechanical properties of metals to replace the current bromine composition, which has become fully funded and supported by the EU's seventh R & D framework program (FP7), The European enfiro R & D team, led by scientists and technicians from the Netherlands Institute of Environmental Research (ies) and participated by scientists and technicians from many countries in the EU, is a top priority

bromine, as an important flame retardant element of many products, has been widely used in the world, including household appliances, coatings, furniture and flame retardants. However, bromine has been proved by a large number of scientific tests that it is one of the "culprits" of toxic pollution of water resources, soil and air in modern society, mainly hormones, genetic and neurotoxins, The European Union has formulated a directive to prohibit the use of bromine in products within a time limit

the European Commission has determined three major objectives that must be guaranteed for the bromine replaceable technology of the R & D team: 1) economic feasibility in production, manufacturing and application; 2) Environment friendly, safe and reliable; 3) The life cycle of products should be recycled as much as possible

the efforts of the R & D team have been rewarded by "God". On the other hand, we have developed innovative flame retardant technology based on metal, phosphorus or nano clay, which is limited by the development and manufacturing cost and process. Compared with the current bromine flame retardant technology, its economic cost performance, flame retardant safety and reliability and economic, social and environmental benefits can completely replace bromine flame retardant and become a new generation of "catching up" flame retardant products and technologies. Its toxicity research, such as flame retardancy, flammability, toxicity, fire spread and smoke volume, and no polymer/halogen value 78 years ago, Koizumi began to unconsciously collect some waste materials, which are much lower than bromine flame retardants

innovative flame retardant technology has not only made an important contribution to fire safety, but also can be further promoted and applied to the fields of printed circuit boards, polymers and textile coatings. The success of the R & D team has been rewarded by the European Commission

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