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EU photovoltaic enterprises are unable to resist the price pressure and oppose punitive tariffs

more than 30 European photovoltaic enterprises pleaded with the European Commission at a special hearing held by the European Commission on the 17th to wake up as soon as possible and stop imposing punitive tariffs on Chinese photovoltaic products, so as to avoid greater harm to the European photovoltaic industry

harmful tariffs will shrink the photovoltaic market

this hearing was held at the request of the EU parity photovoltaic alliance, which represents more than 740 photovoltaic enterprises in Europe and 65000 jobs

just eight days before the hearing, one of the earliest photovoltaic enterprises in Europe, gellicher solar energy company, filed for bankruptcy. The European industry generally believes that the direct cause of the bankruptcy of this German enterprise is the sharp deterioration of the European photovoltaic market caused by the European Commission imposing temporary anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar panels

tolsten proigshas, President of the European parity photovoltaic Union, said before the hearing: we request this hearing to plead with the European Commission to stop imposing these harmful tariffs, because this will lead to the contraction of the European Photovoltaic Market and the loss of a large number of green jobs

most EU Member States oppose punitive tariffs

in early June, the European Commission announced that the EU would impose a temporary anti-dumping duty of 11.8% on photovoltaic products from China from June 6. If the EU and China failed to reach a compromise before August 6, the anti-dumping tax rate would rise to 47.6%

this decision of the European Commission immediately attracted strong opposition from a large number of European photovoltaic enterprises, especially those upstream and downstream of the photovoltaic industry chain. The vast majority of EU member states are also opposed to this decision. 18 Member States, including Germany and the United Kingdom, are opposed to imposing punitive tariffs on Chinese photovoltaic products

a study conducted by the prediction Institute, a well-known independent economic research institution in Europe, earlier this year showed that if the EU imposed punitive tariffs on Chinese photovoltaic products, it would lead to a significant reduction in the demand of EU consumers for the installation of photovoltaic products and related services, thereby reducing employment opportunities. At the same time, as many Chinese photovoltaic enterprises import raw materials, components and manufacturing equipment from Europe, this trade protection behavior will also bring added value to Europe, but the elongation of materials is generally relatively high-value reduction

European photovoltaic enterprises can't bear the price pressure

Dennis gisellar, executive president of Dutch enterprise oscomera solar solutions, who came to the hearing, said: this result is contrary to the overly optimistic survey results provided by the European Commission before deciding to levy taxes, which can be seen on the open door frame. At that time, the European Commission said that even though Europe was currently facing an economic crisis, the European photovoltaic industry could miraculously avoid the market contraction caused by the tax on Chinese products

gisellar pointed out that all previous assessments made by the European Commission were based on the data provided by only seven European photovoltaic production enterprises, and did not take into account the demands of nearly a thousand European Photovoltaic consumer enterprises. According to gisellar, the net profit of most downstream enterprises in the European photovoltaic industry has been less than 10%. Even at the current level of 11.8%, they are simply unable to withstand the price pressure brought by anti-dumping duties

the European Commission also said at that time that if the European photovoltaic market shrank, European Photovoltaic installation enterprises and solar power generation enterprises could transform into other industries such as wind energy. Gisellar said that this is impossible. Photovoltaic industry is a highly professional industry. Our employees have received professional training, and it is impossible to easily switch to other industries

as for whether the hearing could influence the decision of the European Commission, an unnamed European photovoltaic enterprise executive said that it was difficult to say anything, but some European Commission officials suggested after the meeting that more investigations might be carried out in the near future on the negative impact of punitive tariffs on European Photovoltaic consumer enterprises

there is no need to buy equipment again

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