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Sany "green remanufacture" National Science and technology support plan project acceptance

Sany "green remanufacture" National Science and technology support plan project acceptance

ww and has developed innovative polymer solutions for several key components of LED lighting. China Construction machinery information

recently, Yi Xiaogang, director and chief engineer of Sany group, on the completion of the research project "green remanufacture of construction machinery", He made a report to the head of the science and Technology Department of China Machinery Industry Federation and the subject acceptance expert group. After strict on-site investigation and expert inquiry, the project finally passed the acceptance with high scores. The topic of "engineering fixture must be installed in the high and low temperature box for green remanufacture of machinery" is the national 12 science and technology support plan undertaken by SANY group in order to ensure the good performance and use effect of the machine

according to the introduction, the whole construction machinery is heavy, the production consumes many materials, and the price is expensive. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop the green remanufacture technology of construction machinery. As the largest concrete machinery manufacturer in China, Sany group, taking this project as an opportunity, has jointly developed a complete set of remanufacturing technology for concrete pump trucks with Hunan University of science and technology, Huazhong University of science and technology, Shaanxi University of science and technology, Changsha University of technology and Wuhan University of science and technology. The research results of this subject have also been popularized and applied in other types of construction machinery, which has promoted the green and sustainable development of China's construction machinery manufacturing industry

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