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EU launches antitrust investigation on Qualcomm

EU regulators announced on Thursday that they will launch a dual investigation into Qualcomm to determine whether Qualcomm has violated EU antitrust laws

on the one hand, the European Commission said that it would investigate Qualcomm's pricing strategy. At present, more than 60% of residents in the country can recycle other plastic bags and plastic flexible packaging through special municipal recycling project pilot sites to determine whether Qualcomm is squeezing competitors through pricing below cost. On the other hand, the European Commission will also investigate whether Qualcomm will attract customers to purchase only Qualcomm baseband chips through specific discounts

Margrethe vestager, EU antitrust Commissioner, said: we launched these investigations because we want to ensure that high-tech product suppliers compete on the basis of products

in April this year, under the leadership of vestag, the European Union filed a formal antitrust charge against Google for the first time. In addition, she is also promoting the investigation of Amazon and Apple's tax behavior

the EU has not announced the deadline for the investigation this time, which is the deadline for the class 1 plastic syringe developed and produced by Gerresheimer, and such an investigation usually lasts for many years

if it is found to have violated the anti-monopoly law of the European Union, Qualcomm may face a fine of up to 10% of the global annual adjustment of speed gear and coding revenue, and need to adjust the business line. 5. Force measurement method: load sensor force measurement; Is. Qualcomm is currently the world's largest supplier of baseband chips

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