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European researchers pointed out that they are committed to creating clearer and durable glass to help enterprises present their food in more exquisite packaging

this is also good news for glass manufacturers, whose business has been declining in the face of the prevalence of cheap resins for many years

in this joint research project, the British, French and European Synchrotron Radiation Equipment institutions, by detecting the structural changes of zeolite and crystalline solid, said that heating under controlled conditions without affecting its structure would help to create exquisite glass

the research team said that they could do this by recording the vibration of zeolite atomic group. Zeolite is porous crystalline aluminum silicon, which is particularly suitable for molding acid salt at high temperature (1 can easily decompose PLA plastic into particles 00 (1) 50 ℃), representing a regular ordering. They are components in the soil and can become obstacles to the movement of radioactive elements. Among their synthetic products, zeolite can be used as washing powder and petroleum for gasoline production

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