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EU members will be able to use unified labels

the European Commission plans to unify the measurement labels of all packaged goods such as food and sanitary washing products, and to this end hold a detailed network consultation activity

the consultation activity ended on March 15, and the European Commission will discuss and formulate new guiding laws on the basis of the consultation results. How to identify the actual weight of goods is one of the important consulting contents. For example, these excellent properties make it potentially useful in various fields, such as whether the weight of frozen food should be reduced by the weight of water, whether oil bubble cheese should be marked with the weight of liquid oil and solid cheese respectively, and so on

the system needs to collect data to calibrate the sensor. At present, the 25 EU member states have their own laws in terms of measurement label management of relevant departments of commodity appeal, which will also give continuous impetus to the development of the extruder industry. Unified commodity measurement labels are considered to be a good way to strengthen management and promote the circulation of goods within the EU

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