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At present, the furniture industry in the world mainly uses two kinds of raw materials: one is expensive pure wood raw materials, which need to be treated with anti-corrosion coating, which will release harmful volatile substances (VOCs) and pollute the environment; The other is cheap all plastic raw materials, but the strength is not enough and the service life is low

the European Union's Seventh Research and development framework program (FP7) allows scientists to obtain information about the response of cells to different 3D printing scaffolds through a large number of experiments, and subsidizes eight high-speed delivery companies to start from the starting point to the north. The European limowood, which is composed of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the scientific and technological community, confirms the size research and development team of each template and part. After nearly three years of efforts since January 2013, A new wood plastic composite has been successfully developed, and the new product is expected to be introduced to the furniture market in the near future

the R & D team uses the leftover materials from the wood processing industry or recycles the old wood furniture, first smashes and grinds them into the required "wood powder", and then mixes them into the plastic based materials according to a certain proportion. Among them, the formula proportion is the key to the R & D and innovation activities. On the basis of repeated experiments, the R & D team has successfully developed the national standards with high strength, long life, light related industry testing, details of quality, corrosion resistance, antibacterial, waterproof Moisture proof and non volatile wood plastic matrix composites. According to the needs and hobbies of users, furniture of any shape with clear wood texture and "similar" to pure wood in appearance can be made without any paint. It has obvious cost-effective and environment-friendly advantages, and can completely replace two kinds of raw materials in the furniture industry. It has obtained the EU green product certification

in view of the fact that wood plastic matrix composites are more competitive in the field of bathroom and kitchen furniture, the R & D team is currently mainly focused on the development of new products in the above two areas, and has successfully developed a series of furniture products, with the goal of achieving market sales of 120million euros in the next five years. The head of the R & D team said that other economic and social benefits have not been calculated, such as reducing wood waste, reducing volatile hazardous substances, reducing related disease costs and creating new jobs

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