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EU investigates Germany's energy subsidy system for heavy industries including BASF

EU regulators are investigating Germany's energy subsidy system, which benefits more than 2000 major enterprises in Germany's heavy industry, including BASF and ThyssenKrupp (ThyssenKrupp for data processing Ag)

universal testing machine is also applicable to the industry of opening the oil delivery valve of biological materials.

EU regulators said that they are studying the exemption mechanism of German law, the so-called EEG act. According to this law, enterprises can be exempted from paying surcharges (the funds raised are used to help Germany turn from petrochemical fuels to clean energy fuels), and this part of the cost will be borne by consumers

the exemption of surcharges is called "green power privilege", and suppliers can be exempted as long as half of their power asset portfolio comes from renewable resources in Germany

if the European Commission deems it necessary, the enterprises involved must make up billions of euros. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would stop any legal changes that might endanger employment

this exemption is part of the German 2000 energiewende plan, but regulators are studying the amendments in the 2012 version

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