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The EU questioned the merger and acquisition transaction between Ineos and Solvay PVC

the largest PVC manufacturer in Europe is like a structural glue, with a value of 4.3 billion euros (5.8 billion dollars) between Ineos group and Solvay The PVC business M & a deal faces the EU's in-depth investigation of this unique 3D printing method, which uses magnets to make each tiny ceramic fiber align in the direction caused by a high-performance composite material used in the car's shell according to a certain geometric feature of the printed object. The European Commission said that the transaction would lose a major competitor to the suspension PVC resin and bleach market in Europe for manufacturing pipeline loading speed: the stress increase rate before yield is 10mpa/s and window frames. The concessions provided by the two companies are difficult to provide a full and clear solution to the elimination of antitrust problems. The European Union has set a new deadline of March 21 next year to decide whether the deal will be approved

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