Definition of the hottest dumb film and light film

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Definition of dumb film and light film

general users use flat paper cover peritoneum, such as business cards, books, picture books, posters, color boxes and other products. However, the peritoneum cannot be used for local peritoneum. If you need to achieve the effect of local peritoneum, you can use other processes, such as UV, because of its poor printability and oiling. Light film: it can be seen from the color of the surface that the light film is a bright surface; Transparent and bright after coating

dumb film: judging from the color of the surface, the dumb film is a foggy surface; Matte matte surface after coating

optical film and sub film are generally used for covering books and periodicals, meal plates, paper, labels, and cartons, said Zheng Wei, manager of tire testing business in China of Beijing Branch of Nande certification and testing (China) Co., Ltd

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