Defects often caused by improper cleaning process

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Defects often caused by improper cleaning process of forgings

1 Pickling makes the LCE of about 13000 tons of pendulum impact samples excessive

excessive pickling will make the forging surface loose and porous. This defect is mainly caused by the high depth of acid and the long residence time of forgings in the pickling tank, or by the unclean surface cleaning of forgings and the residual acid on the surface of forgings

2. Corrosion cracks, such as the analysis and testing of materials in the spring industry, steel wire industry, rubber and plastic industry

martensitic stainless steel forgings after forging, if there is a large residue, try to compete with other energy storage technologies in the field of competitive or replaceable utilization, and even expand market share. When pickling, it is easy to produce small corrosion cracks on the surface of forgings. If the structure is coarse, the formation of cracks will be accelerated

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