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Analysis of influencing factors of ink temperature and humidity

factors such as ink adhesion, cohesion and color brightness greatly affect the printing quality of products. The temperature and humidity of the environment directly affect the viscosity and cohesion of the ink. When the printing environment temperature is low, the molecular movement of the ink binder is slow, and the ink is easy to be solidified. In this way, the cohesion is large, the fluidity becomes poor, and the printing process will produce poor ink transmission and uneven ink uniformity. In the printing process, it is also easy to adhere to the paper coating layer and paper wool, and cause chain printing quality failures such as plate pasting and imprinting coarsening. When the temperature is too high, the ink is thin, the coloring power is weakened, and the color of the ink layer of the print is bound to be affected. In addition to the influence of the temperature rise caused by the tireless efforts of the environment on the ink, the high-speed rotation and friction of the machine generate heat, which is also based on integrated, intelligent and networked technology, which will dilute the ink, increase the fluidity and reduce the coloring power. Therefore, when mixing ink, we should consider the speed of the machine and adjust the thickness of the ink to ensure the color quality of the printing ink

in addition, humidity also affects the ink performance. Practice has shown that the printing ink layer dries slowly when the environmental humidity is high. On the contrary, the printing ink layer dries faster. Because of the high humidity in the air, the moisture content of printing paper is high. Humidity has a greater impact on ink than temperature. Generally speaking, if the temperature is 20 ℃, the relative humidity rises from 65% to 75%, and the difference in ink drying speed can reach 1 ~ 2 times

due to the printing environment, we can take advantage of the opportunity to develop the impact of temperature and humidity changes on ink and printing. In the absence of air-conditioning equipment, in order to alleviate the impact of ink on temperature and humidity changes and ensure the overprint effect and quality of color printing, we can place the prepared ink at about 25 ℃ four or five days before printing, so that the ink can maintain a reasonable temperature and humidity and obtain a better printing effect

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