Analysis of the fourth generation products of the

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Analysis of the fourth generation products of low voltage electrical appliances

Abstract: This paper expounds the basic characteristics and overall objectives of the fourth generation products of low voltage electrical appliances

key words: the overall goal of the fourth generation of new products of low-voltage appliances Untitled Document main features:

1. with communication interface, it can carry out bidirectional communication with a variety of open fieldbus. At the end of loading, the loading handle should be placed in the unloading position to realize the communication and networking of low-voltage appliances

2. Emphasize system integration, and products include hardware and software. At the same time, the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical components and complete sets of devices should be developed synchronously

3. emphasize standardization. In addition to the standardization of the structure and technical performance of the fourth generation products, its pressure resistance and other communication protocols and protocols must be standardized, and the products of different companies have good interoperability

4. Improve the comprehensive performance of the product, including technical performance, appearance, use performance and maintenance performance

5. Emphasize environmental protection requirements, and gradually develop "green" products, including product material selection, manufacturing process and use process, which will not pollute the environment

6. High reliability, carry out reliability design, carry out reliability control during product production (vigorously promote the detection device), reliability factory inspection and reliability growth. Special emphasis is placed on the reliability of electronic devices and electromagnetic compatibility requirements

overall objective

1. On the basis of the achievements in the basic technology research and key technology research of fieldbus and communicable electrical products, strive to use about five years to make all kinds of representative series products of low-voltage electrical appliances in China have two-way communication function (the communication interface can be external or built-in), and can be connected with a variety of internationally famous open fieldbus systems

2. Choose one or two kinds of internationally influential, small panel control systems with a higher market share. The advantage of the panel control system lies in the high control of the experimental machine and the open fieldbus (such as DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, etc.) suitable for low-voltage electrical appliances and their complete sets of devices. Through research and development, a relatively complete bus system product with China's independent intellectual property rights (including four levels of products) will be formed in 5 to 8 years

3. Strive to complete the application research and development of the main bus system software within 3-5 years, trial produce the intelligent communicable low-voltage distribution complete equipment and intelligent communicable low-voltage control complete equipment using the fieldbus system, form small batch production and have the ability of system integration

4. strive to adopt the same bus system to realize the connection between low-voltage distribution system and medium voltage distribution system

5. On the basis of realizing the monitoring and "four remotes" of medium and low voltage distribution systems, the research on the unique locking and riveting process of medium and low voltage, which can realize the connection of different materials, different thicknesses and different strength materials, will become a highlight of this "exhibition area of automobile lightweight achievements". The regional interlocking of distribution system will realize the automation of distribution protection, strive to realize selective protection in a very short time, and reduce the dynamic and thermal stability requirements of distribution system, So as to reduce the cost and operation reliability of the complete set of equipment

6. Strive to establish China's fieldbus product testing base within two years

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