Analysis of the fitting accuracy and quality of th

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Analysis of laminating accuracy and laminating quality

the so-called laminating quality refers to the impact resistance and bonding visibility of the finished paperboard. These two indicators are directly related to adhesives. Now based on the use of strange rubber powder, we will explain it in detail

the degree of adhesion, that is, the bonding strength of the base paper and the face paper. A good bonding finished product is that the base paper and the face paper are immersed in the mixture each other, and the immersion degree is too deep, which will cause obvious ridges. If it is too shallow, it will cause poor bonding (i.e. blow up). If it is too shallow, it will open the glue. This requires that the glue be evenly spread on the corrugated paper, and also ensure that enough surface catapult plays an important role. 2. The paper immersion depth, now introduces a set of simple verification methods, First, put the glue evenly on the edge of the corrugated paper, that is, more than one-third of the height of the corrugated paper. Make sure to draw on the glued surface of the corrugated paper by hand, so as to have an obvious feeling of touching the glue Second The corrugated paper is bonded with the face paper. After pressing, and before entering the conveying and pressing, take out the semi-finished products, pull open the face paper, and observe the glue mark on the face paper to protect the normal use of the equipment. Under the condition that the pressure of each conveying roller is appropriate, this glue mark should be a continuous glue column line. When it is large, this glue mark is a glue mark with a certain width, and when it is too large, there will be two glue marks with a smaller width, Too small this glue mark will appear as a discontinuous glue column line

the sharpness of the corrugated paper is what we call the degree of penetration of the corrugated paper. It is seriously wavy on the bonding surface. On the premise of ensuring the complete shape of the glue line described above, the paper fiber layout direction of the paper plays a decisive role in this standard, that is, when we say the horizontal wire and vertical wire bonding, we should pay attention to the vertical intersection and bonding between the surface paper wire direction and the corrugated paper

I believe that as long as you continue to summarize and explore in the process of actual operation, you will develop. Welcome colleagues to feed back the problems in actual operation, discuss with us, and make common progress

fitting accuracy refers to the maximum range value of the relative distance between the surface paper and the edge of the bottom paper after the bottom paper (i.e. corrugated paper or paperboard) of the fitting process is bonded with the surface paper (i.e. colored paper) on the specified regular side, which is generally 1. The factors that affect this value can be divided into two parts. First, mechanical part, second, human factors. The fitting principle of the manufacturers of the mechanical part can basically meet this requirement, but the requirements for the proficiency and skills of the operators (i.e. the strong and weak operability) regardless of the economic state, because the most in the market is still the semi-automatic paper mounting machine, so human factors play a decisive role Focus on this. Due to different models, this requirement is also slightly different. For Shengtian tmb1300a machine, its front gauge is an inclined stop gauge (because the lowest origin position of the stop gauge is the face paper position) so that the bottom paper does not advance. Therefore, the requirement for the operator is to accurately send it to the origin position and keep it until the point wheel paper feeding is pressurized, and the bottom paper is also sent out for the point wheel through the round belt conveyor to the front of the point wheel pressing part, To increase the friction between the warped paper and the round belt A variable speed fan is also added under the round belt to improve the slack time of the bottom paper. Due to the different working speed, the requirements for the wind force of the fan are also different. Too large will cause the bottom paper to be sent to the front gear away from the back of its gear gauge, because its elasticity will make the bottom paper move back a certain distance away from the front gear gauge. Too small is too big after slack, causing the surface paper to be far ahead of the bottom paper. Second, the bottom paper cannot overcome the warpage of the bottom paper combined with the surface paper and the working speed of the machine. Adjust the wind force so that the bottom paper is just stably sent to the front gauge, so as to ensure that the accuracy is within its required range. For the tmb1300b machine, the leading function should be maximized no matter whether the warpage of the bottom paper is large or small. Because its front gauge only stops the bottom paper on the surface, which is squeezed on the surface paper by the pressing gap of the point wheel, and is transported to the pressure part through the pressing of the point wheel

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