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Analysis of four industry barriers restricting the development of high-end machine tools

in recent years, the market share and CNC rate of China's machine tool products have been increasing, but in terms of high-end machine tools, China has always needed a large number of imports from abroad, especially from Europe. 2. Then rotate the horizontal micrometer handwheel. In recent years, the market share and numerical control rate of China's machine tool products have been increasing, but in terms of high-end machine tools, China has always needed to import a lot from abroad, especially from Europe

from the current actual situation in China, in terms of traditional low-end metal forming machine tools, the industrial concentration is low, the market is scattered, and the barriers to entry are low. In the research and development, production and manufacturing of high-end machine tools, China has been in a missing stage. Due to the limitations of technology, capital and brand recognition, it is difficult to occupy a place in the market in a short time. Technical barriers, difficult R & D and accepting market tests are all challenges for the development of high-end machine tools in China

1. Technical barriers

the metal forming machine tool industry is a technology intensive industry, and the development of the industry requires a lot of multifaceted technical input. From the perspective of enterprises with relatively good performance at present, most of them are large enterprises with years of technology accumulation or state-owned or private enterprises that have entered the industry relatively early and have strong technology research and development capabilities. Due to the advanced technology and equipment of these enterprises, it is difficult for new entrants to compete with them in the field of high-end products

from the product point of view, mechanical press, especially the low noise and stable operation in the experimental process, is a high-speed precision mechanical press, showing the development trend of specialization, high-speed, precision and automation. This can not only change one parameter at a time, but also requires enterprises to adopt computer optimization design and other strength design from the design point of view to prevent technical problems, and also puts forward high requirements for the manufacturing technology and process level of enterprises. In view of the current situation of this industry, the company has increased investment in research and development, introduced senior technical talents, and paid attention to the training of internal employees, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees through incentive mechanism and improve the technological innovation ability of enterprises

2. Capital barrier

the metal forming machine tool industry is a capital intensive industry. In order to ensure the high precision of products, it needs a lot of capital investment. Only from the perspective of the fixed asset investment in the production of machine tools, the production of a machine tool requires the investment of a full set of mother machine tools, such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, etc. In addition, machine tool production also needs to invest a lot of money to purchase land, build factories and purchase raw materials. On the whole, the industry has high capital barriers for new entrants

3. Brand and reputation barriers

metal forming machine tools are large fixed asset investments with long service life. Their quality and performance are directly related to the quality and cost of end products. Therefore, customers often have great brand trust and dependence on their original high-quality suppliers or well-known manufacturers. Early entrants have gradually established their own brand awareness and reputation in the industry. Therefore, for new entrants who want to enter the industry, it needs a long-term process to obtain the recognition of customers, which constitutes a certain brand and reputation barrier

4. Service network barrier

metal forming machine tool manufacturers should have perfect after-sales service. The international influence of China's plastic machine industry continues to improve the service system and can provide rapid maintenance services. Especially in the peak production season of customers, it is easy to cause losses to production equipment. If it cannot be repaired in time, it will cause huge losses to customers. Therefore, only suppliers with extensive service network can help customers deal with various emergencies in a timely and effective manner, which forms a barrier to new enterprises entering the industry

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